Station 19 Recap 03/16/23: Season 6 Episode 10 “Even Better Than The Real Thing”

Station 19 Recap 03/16/23: Season 6 Episode 10 "Even Better Than The Real Thing"

Tonight on ABC Station 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, March 16, 2023, season 6 episode 10 called, “Even Better Than The Real Thing,” and we have your Station 19 recap below.  On tonight’s Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 recap as per the ABC synopsis, “A simulation fire training goes dangerously wrong. Maya tries to make amends, and Bailey encourages Carina to listen. Meanwhile, Jack’s sister shows up at the station with a friend, an injury and an attitude.”

Tonight’s Station 19 season 6 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our TV recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Station 19 episode, Captain Beckett oversaw a training exercise. It was his job to set up a obstacle course for two competing teams of firefighters and he decided to get help for this task by asking an old probie of his. The guy’s name was Cooper. He became a lieutenant.

He claims Beckett was the best captain he ever served and so he couldn’t wait to work with him again. Cooper had no idea about Beckett’s drinking before tonight. He hadn’t known until someone overheard that he served under Beckett. It was actually both Andy and Vic who overheard it. They asked Cooper about what it was like with “Captain Breath Mint”. And so they tried to warn him about Beckett.

But all Cooper could remember was what Beckett was like years ago. This was before his drinking problem or at least before it got so bad that it became a problem. Cooper didn’t know the man he became and so he defended Beckett by saying Beckett was the best captain he ever served.

He probably even believed it too. Beckett wasn’t his usual jerk self around Cooper. He was nice. He was downright pleasant to be around. He also hadn’t stopped drinking. He just got more careful about his drinking.

Back at the firehouse, meanwhile, Jack was in charge. It was just him and Maya. Maya was restricted to desk duty. Jack had been left in charge of her and he let her sneak away for a little bit to take a lasagna to Carina. Maya was trying to repair her marriage. She was hoping the lasagna would convince Carina to love her again.

Only Carina resented even accepting the lasagna. Bailey had talk her into taking it. Maya on the other hand returned to the firehouse only to run into Jack’s sister. His sister and her friend had been injured on their motorcycle.

They had crashed. They couldn’t go to the hospital because they took an edible candy before they drove and they might still be under the influence. They thought the drugs would leave the system after a few hours. Jack told them how wrong they were. He also took Brooke’s friend Clara to task.

She had stolen that motorcycle from her dad. She wanted to return it before he found out she took it. She didn’t think he would notice all of her injuries and so she refused to go to the hospital. And she passed out before she could leave the firehouse.

Clara was pretty banged up. Brooke wasn’t in that much of a better position. They both needed to go to the hospital and once Clara nearly died on them – Jack insisted on taking them there. They were transporting them to the hospital when something went wrong with the obstacle course. Cooper got injured.

He was knocked unconscious. He had a nasty head wound. Everyone could tell by looking at him that he could die and so Beckett had him rushed to the hospital. Beckett followed the aide car in his own car. He left behind his team only it was alright because he put Andy in charge.

Station 19 was supposed to cover Station 88’s jurisdiction for the time being. Beckett may have been drunk, but he still knew that sending Cooper’s team out like nothing happened wouldn’t be helping them and it could put others at risk. Which was why he told Andy to deal with their sector. Andy returned to the firehouse with the rest of the team. She tried to deal with the situation as best she could and she couldn’t stop some of her team from getting angry. Theo personally blamed Beckett for what happened.

Theo almost confronted Beckett in front of everyone at the obstacle course. Vic cautioned him to wait. Vic reminded him that everything has a time and place and Cooper’s team didn’t need to see all of that. Only Theo came away from the whole encounter believing they should report Beckett to Fire Chief Ross.

Andy however advocated for waiting for an official investigation. She said they didn’t know what went wrong. She didn’t think Beckett should be blamed right off when he was setting up the course with Cooper. Cooper could very well be at fault here. And she continued to stick that line even as Cooper later died at the hospital.

Theo blamed Beckett for Cooper’s death. He said he put them all in danger because he was drinking on the job. He literally begged Beckett to prove him wrong by either showing his water bottle or taking a breathalyzer. Beckett couldn’t do either. He knew he had been drinking. They knew he had been drinking.

He told Theo to back down or risk getting suspended without pay. Beckett could have used the time to finally get help and he didn’t. He threatened his own people. He continued drinking when no one was looking. He hadn’t even noticed that Maya snuck away because she accidentally gave her wife food poisoning.

Maya helped nurse Carina through the sickness. She risked her job by being there for her wife only she doesn’t regret it. As for Jack, he had another conversation with Brooke. He promised to be less judgy if she stopped showing off that attitude of hers. They decided to start over and they were hoping to make the first step towards becoming a real family.

Montgomery didn’t spend his time with his team or with Maya and Jack. He instead did a bunch of radio interviews. He was still running for Mayor and he was getting up there in the polls.

And after a long day they had, Andy decided to take a risk by kissing Eli.