Survivor 44: What Is The Inheritance – Bank Your Vote Advantage?

Survivor 44: What Is The Inheritance - Bank Your Vote Advantage?

Survivor 44 premiere episode was an exciting one, as it introduced yet another new twist in the form of the Inheritance Advantage. The advantage is a unique one that allows players to pass on some of their hard-earned rewards and advantages to other players throughout the game.

This could be anything from extra votes at Tribal Councils, additional items for challenges, or even immunity idols!

It’s sure to add a whole new layer of strategy and complexity into this season of Survivor, as players will have more options than ever before when it comes to helping out their allies – or even taking down their enemies!

The Bank Your Vote Advantage, also made its debut tonight.

his advantage gives players an opportunity to bank any unused votes they may have during tribal councils so that they can use them later in the game if needed.

It adds yet another strategic element into play; with these two advantages combined, there are now countless ways for savvy contestants (or alliances) to gain an edge over others in order to capitalize on opportunities presented by these powerful tools.

The Bank Your Vote Advantage is a little different.

This one was given to Tony, and it allows him to store up his vote for future Tribal Councils. He can choose when he wants to use it, which could be really powerful in the right circumstances.

We’ve seen this kind of advantage before with idols that allowed someone to save their vote until after the votes were read – but this one doesn’t expire at any point!

It feels like an incredibly strong tool if used correctly; you could hold onto your vote until just the right moment and then cast your deciding ballot at a crucial time in order to swing things your way.

Lauren was so excited when she found out about the Bank Your Vote advantage. She knew that this would be a great way to ensure her voice is heard in future votes.

The concept of banking your vote is simple: instead of casting your vote now, you save it for later use. This means that if there’s a vote down the road where Lauren really wants her opinion heard, then she has one saved up already!

This also gives Lauren some peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens with current politics or other issues outside her control, at least she will always have a say in how things turn out by having one extra vote stored away for when needed most.

It’ll be interesting to see how both these twists play out over time – will certain alliances take full advantage? Will individual contestants find creative ways to make good use of them?

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Survivor 44 episode 2 when we get a closer look at how exactly each player plans to utilize either (or both) of these tools moving forward!