Survivor Recap 03/15/23: Season 44 Episode 3 “Sneaky Little Snake”

Survivor Recap 03/15/23: Season 44 Episode 3 "Sneaky Little Snake"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 15, 2022, season 44 episode 3 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 44 episode 3 called “Sneaky Little Snake,” as per the CBS synopsis, “A budding romance could become an easy target for one tribe. Also, one castaway hopes to convince the tribe of their worth to stay another day.

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Tonights Survivor episode begins with night five at Tina Carson says his fist vote at tribal was so terrifying but so good when Helen was blindsided. Sarah is happy about the cambia vibes, everyone telling her this was about Helen not her, but she doesn’t believe and doesn’t trust them. Carolyn is thrilled, she made it another day and she still has her idol.

The next morning at Ratu, Kane is singing the Canadian National Anthem, mixing up all the words, buy making everyone laugh. He got a sword from the last challenge and he is so happy because he is all things RPG. He has been a dungeon master for four years now, he believes in good always conquers and he wants to be a hero to people.

Brandon calls himself a jack of all trades, he feels like the hard things in life are worth doing, the reward is worth it. He wants people to know that there is so much more to him than sports. He does a little bit of everything, he learned it from his parents, never to quit, whether he liked it or not. In this game you have to take risks, if there are no risks, there is no reward.

Matt and Frannie go off all the time, Claire is happy because they are a target and as long they are, everyone else is looking at them. Danny is happy about it as well, as long as the eyes are not on him. He has a hidden immunity idol and a silver coin that has no power, but he plans to use to his advantage at some point. He takes the coin, wraps it up with a bow, and plants it for someone to find and think they have found an idol.

Over at Tika, Carolyn and some of the others are resting when she tells Yam Yam that his snoring is so bad and she has trouble sleeping at night. Yam Yam is concerned, people get voted out because of snoring. Carson is telling Sarah that she wants them to go far. She is worried, they don’t have a strong tribe that can win challenges and she is worried that she will be the next one out.

Soka has everyone scrambling to find the key to unlock the cage. Danny watches them and can’t believe how horrible they are, he planted the key in an obvious spot. Finally Matt finds it, he is alone, he opens the cage and finds the idol. Now its time for Danny to tell everyone that Matt put something in his pocket.

He confronts him in front of Josh and Matt denies it. His hope in this game has been bathed in mud, the jug is up, he needs to tell the truth. He comes clean with Josh, now Matt and Frannie are no longer easy targets. Frannie would have loved if this was just between her and Matt. Danny’s mission was for the attention off of him, as of now, everything is looking really good.

At Ratu, Jaime has the tribe eating earth works that are 70% protein, she says she was born for Survivor, she has so much energy. She really connects with Matthew, they are always hunting for firewood and works. While they are out, she finds an idol and she believes it is a real one. Matthew thinks this is perfect, sh thinks she has a real idol, but he does, he planted the one that she found, it is fake. He likes being sneaky, he doesn’t get to do that in his day to day life.

Time for the Immunity Challenge, for today they are going to dive into the ocean and swim to large cube. Working together they are going to roll that cube to expose keys. Once they have them, they will dig under a log, and unlock their puzzle platform to stack four color blocks that will have no repeating colours on any of the sides. First two tribes to finish win immunity and reward. First tribe to finish will get a large tool kit and foot. Second tribe to finish, smaller tool kit and smaller portion of fruit. Losing tribe goes to tribal council and loses their flint.

Claire, Heidi and Lauren sit out, too any tribe members.

Once they are out of the water, Tika is in dead last. Soka is amazing, they are just crawling under the log one by one. Soka is first to load their coloured boxes on the platform and start building. Ratu is second, they are looking to build a tower, four blocks tall with no repeating colours. Ratu has it, the win immunity, The rest are doing copycat, looking over at Ratu’s competed puzzle. Tika has it, they win immunity and sending Soka to tribal council for the first time this season.

At Soka, the plan is to vote out Claire and let her think they are getting rid of Matt. Josh would rather Matt or Frannie but he doesn’t want to rock the boat. Frannie doesn’t want to vote out Claire, she wants to keep her and Matt in this game. She thinks Josh is better to get rid of in this first vote, he is pretty cagey according to her. They have to get Heidi on board to have enough votes, but Heidi is unsure if Josh is the right person to get rid of, for her game.

Time for Tribal Council, everyone lights a torch. Frannie is smiling, she says hearing the words “light the torch” makes it feel real. Josh says the tension was on at camp, everyone talking strategy. Claire says today was not the first time they have been talking strategy. Matt says he played through so many scenarios. Jeff asks Claire if she is worried because she sits out of the challenges. She says no, she put the team before herself, she trust the team.

Time to vote. Jeff tallies them and then Claire plays her shot in the dark, she is not safe, all votes against her will still count. First vote, Claire, then Claire, Claire – she is voted out.