The Bachelor Recap 01/30/23: Season 27 Episode 2

The Bachelor Recap 01/30/23: Season 27 Episode 2

The Bachelor 2023 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, January 29, 2023, season 27 episode 2 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 27 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Zach continues to carve his own path and decides that all of his remaining twenty women will go on a date this week, giving them each the chance to take the next step on their journeys to potential love.

First up, on a confidence-boosting group date, the women are challenged to channel their bad b**** energy by Latto and some of Bachelor Nation’s baddest b****es, but when an unexpected guest interrupts the after-party, the date’s challenge takes on a whole new meaning.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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In tonight’s The Bachelor’s episode, it’s Week 2! The ladies got to move into the mansion. Zach even told the host that he really does believe his future wife was among the group and so the ladies were one step closer to winning his heart. But first, they had to survive the group date.

Zach invited a bunch of them onto a group. He even included someone that America chose for him. Zach invited all of these ladies to a class with Latto. Latto was the one that supposed to test them. She tested their inner bad bitch. She also brought in a few more ladies to help stir the pot.

Those on the group date had dreaded the moment they heard about these extra women, but the ladies were no threat. It was Victoria, Tahzjuan, and Courtney. The baddies from Bachelor Nation have reunited to help the ladies win Zach. Zach wanted to find his baddie.

Zach didn’t want a sweetheart. He wanted someone who would challenge him. He wanted a bad bitch and the ladies helped find one amongst the group. They first had to put on a show on the runway. This was also followed by a moment in which they talked about their worst moments to Zach.

The last part was troublesome for some. There was a woman who hated public speaking. She was very self-conscious and she had to push through that in order to grab a little bit of Zach’s attention. And after all the ladies got to speak, Latto announced they were all baddies.

She congratulated them on finding that inner spirit and she too claimed that Zach’s future wife was in the group. Then came the afterparty. Zach invited the entire group date to an afterparty with some drinks on the table. He also took the time to finally talk to them one on one.

Zach first chose to talk to Katherine. Katherine wanted him to know he was more than just a friend. She went in for a kiss and Zach reciprocated all the way. So much so you would think that would be enough for him and yet this group date was far from over. Zach next chose Brianna for some alone time. Brianna was the sweet woman that America chose for Zach and so that left her feeling like maybe Zach doesn’t really want her there. She was so plagued with doubt that she decided to use her chance with Zach to kiss the life out of him.

But Zach invited one woman to a solo date and it was neither Katherine nor Brianna. He chose this woman from the house instead of from the group date. He invited Christina Mandrell to a solo. She was off celebrating while Zach was still talking to everyone on the group date when suddenly someone crashed the group date. Tahzjuan decided to join the party. She was only supposed to be back for the bad bitch thing, but she saw Zach and she liked what she saw. She ended up crashing his group date. She kicked out the woman he was talking to and she took Zach by surprise.

Tahzjuan took everyone by surprise. She was very sneaky that way. She said Zach was endearing and that he seemed like a really great guy. Only Tahzjuan crashing the date didn’t sit well with the ladies. They decided as a group to confront her. They asked her what her intentions were for coming tonight and Tahzjuan told them an unpleasant truth. She said she didn’t see Zach’s future wife among the group. She said she watched them during the bad bitch thing and that it’s clear they didn’t have what it takes to win Zach’s heart.

The ladies felt threatened after that. Kylee was especially taking it hard. She said she’d throw up if Zach invited Tahzjuan to move into the house and luckily she doesn’t have to do that. Zach didn’t ask Tahzjuan to stick around. He felt it was unfair to the other women to pursue Tahzjuan and that it was a betrayal of the bonds he was building with the ladies and he asked Tahzjuan to leave. She shot her shot. She missed. Tahzjuan lost this time, but that’s where the good news end for most of the ladies.

Zach only gave one woman a rose out of the entire group. He gave it to Katherine and that hurt Brianna because hey she kissed him too. Not that it seemed to matter to Zach. Zach didn’t give anyone else in the group a rose. He simply continued the group date and, once it was all over, he shifted gears. He went on his first solo date with Christina. Christina grabbed his attention from the very beginning. He likes that she was sweet and he loved that she has some spice to her as well. The two of them took a drive before taking a helicopter ride.

The date also got personal when Zach invited Christina to meet his family. They were having a barbeque. They were all relaxed and enjoying themselves. Christina fit right in. She was playing games. She was looking at baby pictures with his mom. She was overall great and she showed Zach that she really does have what it takes to be a part of his life. There was only one thing that kind of stumped him. It was when she mentioned she has a daughter. Christina’s daughter was still young. The little girl being a part of the picture made Zach realize that he might not be ready to become anyone’s stepdad.

He does want kids. Only he sees that as a long-term goal. Not a goal that he wants to accomplish overnight and so he needed time to seriously think about Christina. He still gave her a rose however he also warned her that he needed time to take everything in. Zach had enjoyed himself with Christina. She made him laugh. She even won over his family and that’s no small thing. Zach was going to remember that for later. He would go on to have another group date. He would continue to kiss his way through the group. And the second group date wasn’t a happy event for everyone.

Gabi became jealous of the other women. She had to listen to them as they said they enjoyed their alone time with Zach. He seemed to respect their feelings. He put them at ease. He was such a great guy that Gabi didn’t want to share him. She also wasn’t alone in feeling jealous. Brooklyn was back at the house and she too felt jealous. They didn’t come to the show to make friends with the other women or to support each other. They came for a chance to be with Zach. Gabi was also hurt after hearing from everyone else that he kissed them and that he hadn’t kissed her.

Zach later gave his third rose to Jess. He gave her the rose after he pointed out several women for being easy to talk to and so he still validated them, but Gabi again wasn’t one of them. Gabi even started to cry because she said this whole thing was making her feel worthless. She later tried to grab his attention before the rose ceremony. She talked to him about “the Lady & the Tramp” movie. But there was a drama that night at the cocktail party and it didn’t come from Gabi. It came from Brianna. Brianna decided to take offense when Christina said “I hate you, JK”.

Christina said it on night one. She was drinking. She seemed to be joking around and yet the moment Brianna said she was hurt by that – Christina apologized. There was no need to go running to Zach to tell him about it. Brianna tried to stir up trouble by mentioning it. Only Zach wasn’t having it. Zach didn’t ask who said that to her because he said he wanted to stay out of the drama and Brianna still got a rose. She got the final rose. She came close to getting kicked out and so maybe that was a warning to not stir anything up again.

Cat and Kimberly didn’t get roses. They got sent home and they were sad they were leaving before they ever truly got to know Zach.