The Bachelor Recap 02/20/23: Season 27 Episode 5

The Bachelor Recap 02/20/23: Season 27 Episode 5

The Bachelor 2023 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 20, 2023, season 27 episode 5 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 27 episode 5 as per the ABC synopsis, “Zach and the remaining women head to London for another week of adventure, but not everything goes according to plan, leaving Zach in a never-before-seen scenario which could drastically alter the journey ahead.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Tonight’s The Bachelor episode begins Zach and his eleven women who are left, he believe it is going to be an amazing week. The women have arrived in London and they are very excited, they are in week 5, half way through the season and many of them are hoping to spend a lot of time with Zach. A date card arrives and it is for Gabi, “you are my queen.” She is getting her first one on one with Zach, she is so excited.

Gabs gets picked up by Zach, in a limo. Where they toast with champagne, and they are going to be treated like royals. First, he takes her to a perfumerie where they create perfumes for the royal family. The two are having fun, it is light hearted and easy. They get to choose a fragrance together, and they have to name it. They call it Zabi, a combination of Gabi and Zach.

Next, they meet a butler who worked for many of the top royals, even the queen. He prepares the Queen’s cocktail for them. Then Gabi gets to try on tiaras and hats. Then, the corgis come in and they are from the royal bloodline. After that, it is on to Gabi trying on gowns, she tells Zach that she feels like Cinderella. They do a lot of kissing and Gabs says she is not usually a kisser, she is a hugger.

Gabs returns to the women and tells them about her day. Aside from all he fabulous things they did, they needed their day with tea and crumpets, he bought her some fabulous clothes, Jimmy Choo shoes, diamond earrings and of course she got a bottle of the perfume they made together.

Greer won’t even smile through the whole thing, she thinks Zach did this on purpose, because she told him she loved tea. There is a knock on the door, it is the gown she tried on and a date card that says, “Gabi you really were my queen today, seeing you in this dress gave you butterflies, see you tonight.” Greer gets up, obviously upset and storms out. Greer is having a moment, she is pretty upset that she didn’t get the one on one date.

This is the exact date that Greer wanted. She is crying in the hallway when Gabs walks past her with all her loot. Actually, Greer was sitting down in front of Gabi’s room and had to get up.

Gabi and Zach are having dinner and she tells him that he makes her feel beautiful and mean a lot to her.

Elsewhere, another date card arrives and it is for Brooklyn, Cat, Aly, Kaity, Ariel, Kylee, Jess, Mercedes and Greer, “lets double up on love.” This means Charity gets the other one-on-one date. Mercedes is so upset that she starts to hyperventilate, she wanted that one-on-one.

At Dinner, Gabi tells Zach that she loves how real he is. He leans in and takes the rose on the table, he tells her that she is so beautiful and can’t believe that she didn’t know how beautiful she is, inside and out. She accepts the rose and gives him a kiss. She feels so special that he told her she is beautiful inside and out, she feels loved and tells Zach that her day was a dream come true. Zach has one more surprise, a private concert by UB40. She can absolutely picture the rest of her life with Zach, he is the kind of person she wants to be with, he is her king.

Another card arrives from Zach, “Ladies, I had a great group date planned but I am a little under the weather but don’t want to ruin your time in London. Go enjoy, love Zach.” Kylee starts crying, she is so disappointed and this date meant everything. The women gather outside and go in a double decker bus for a tour of the city. Even though it rains, the women make the most of the day. It was an unexpected day, but it turned out pretty pleasant for the women.

It’s evening time, the women are all dressed up and sit down with cocktails, there is a rose on the table and they are waiting for Zach, who they hope is recovered and will show up. A butler walks in with a message from Zach, “ladies, I hope you had an amazing day in London, I wish I could have been there. Unfortunately I am not feeling well enough to join you tonight, I am so sorry and hope to see you soon. Love Zach.” There are a lot of tears. Greer is wondering, what is the point. The women all take a petal from the rose. Meanwhile, Zach feels terrible, the last thing he wanted to do is disappoint the women. Charity is worried about her one-on-one with Zach, she is in a state of confusion wondering what tomorrow looks like for her.

Charity is so excited for her date, she has positive thoughts. Just then, Jesse walks in and says that Zach has been feeling under the weather and more bad news, he tested positive for COVID today. Zach is crushed, to lose that quality time with them at this state in the journey. There will be no date with Charity. Jesse says they have to wonder now where they go from here. Jesse asks them to be patient with them. Kaity is crushed, Zach is isolated and his mind is probably racing as much as theirs.

Katy drops off a care package in front of Zach’s door. He tells her that he is so frustrated. She says because he didn’t get to explore London, she brought him a gift basket. She is happy to hear his voice, she didn’t know when she was going to hear his voice and she doesn’t want the momentum to fall flat. She laughs and says she is rambling. He tells her that he has so much confidence in them, how he feels with her and how much fun they had together. He says he is really excited that she is there, he does see something with her. She tells him that it feels so good to hear this, that he feels the same about her, it means so much to her. He tells her that she can sit outside of his hotel room all night, they laugh.

All Kaity’s fears have gone now that she has spent that time with Zach. She hasn’t met a man so genuine, she can see herself marrying him at the end of it, she is so happy.

Zach wants to spend time with the ladies, so he does some Zoom calls and he plans on doing a virtual rose ceremony. Jesse tells the women that some of them will be going home.

The virtual cocktail party is on, the women think this is better than nothing. Charity is the first one and Zach surprises her, he bought her a gift, a crystal Big Ben, a token of he misses her. She tells him it is so sweet and so thoughtful. He tells her that their time will come and he can’t wait until then, he blows her kisses. Zach continues with all the women and the virtual time together seems to go very well. He misses all the women so much and is so grateful to have a conversation with them.

Greer has her time with Zach and it doesn’t go well. She tells him about the time she had COVID during the last sales quarter and it sucked. He takes that as her comparing her experience to his, and he gets offended.

Zach is talking to Jesse and he starts to cry when he thinks about doing a virtual rose ceremony.

Zach tells the women that he would literally do anything to get out of that room and be there with them, he is sorry. The first rose goes to Kaity, then Charity, Aly, Kat, Brooklyn, Jess, Ariel and Greer.

Kylee and Mercedes are going home.