The Bachelor Recap 02/27/23: Season 27 Episode 6

The Bachelor Recap 02/27/23: Season 27 Episode 6

The Bachelor 2023 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, February 27, 2023, season 27 episode 6 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 27 episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Zach is making up for lost time in Tallinn, Estonia, where he’ll test the strength of one connection in a friendly local competition and step out of his comfort zone at a nude sauna. Plus, an Estonian witch works her magic to help him find love.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Tonight’s episode begins in Tallinn, Estonia, its cold and there are castles, it looks like a fairytale and the women are excited to see Zach who is probably wanting to make up for lost time.

Jesse is with Zach, he welcomes him to Estonia, they are at a cafe. Jesse who tells him that Greer is feeling under the weather, she is a symptomatic, but she is not well enough to leave her room. Jesse tells him that he has nine women left and a big week. Zach says Kaity is special, Kat he gets butterflies when he is near her, Gaby there are strong feelings. This week is figuring out where their relationships are going to go. His one on one was taken away with Charity, but the is a bounce back week. Zach knows who he is going to take on the one on one date, and this one is going to be romantic.

The women are in the hotel room when there is a knock at the door, it’s a date card. This one is for Charity, “lets make up for lost time.” She deserves it, and she is smiling, so happy that she is still on Zach’s mind.

Zach arrives in person to pick up Charity, he gives everyone a hug and tells them it is his first day out of quarantine. Kat asks Zach to have a moment with him out of the room and the other women are shocked, not that they didn’t want that alone time with Zach, but it was uber inappropriate.

Zach returns and Gabs notices that he has lip gloss on his lips, and she is sure he didn’t apply it himself.

The other women call Kat out on what she did and call it classless. Zach was there for Charity, not for her and it was not a cocktail party. Kat felt attacked, she feels like she can do what she was and have a moment if she wants to without any of their permission.

Zach and Charity start their day off in a horse carriage. They pull up to a huge crowd and are invited to join in. They are going to participate in a wife carrying competition in Estonia, it is very popular there. It is there first time and they win, seal it with a kiss. The date so far has been really good, they only did the obstacle course, but Charity thinks it was amazing.

Back at the hotel, Booklyn is still upset about what Kat did and set her off. Kat felt extremely attacked, she says Brooklyn hurt her feelings by coming after her like that. Kat tries to get other women on her side, but it is not happening.

Next, Zach and Charity stop for some Estonia spirits. After that they go for a walk, try some roasted almonds. They picked it right back up like there was no pause in the process.

Elsewhere, Jess is having a hard time because she hasn’t had a one on one date.

At dinner, Charity tells Zach that he makes her feel seen and chosen. She tells him that she was in an abusive relationship, there was infidelity and it was with someone she knew and it really messed her up. He tells her that he is so happy that she has made things better for herself. He says he understands, he lost himself in the last relationship and he didn’t even know what was his favourite music, he was just doing things to appease that person. He gives her the rose and she says she can see a future with him.

Another date card arrives for the women, this one is a group date, Brooklyn, Kaity, Kat, Gabs, Aly, Jess, “true love feels like magic.” Jess starts to cry, the one on one is not for her. She thinks she is the last one not to have a one on one, but Greer hasn’t had one either.

The next morning, Charity tells the women about her date and the issue about what Kat did comes up again and Kat says she doesn’t want to talk about it and ruin the group date. Brooklyn jumps right in and says that Kat had no issue ruining Charity’s date the day before though.

Time for the group date, the dig deeper into the Estonia culture by visiting a witch named Haley, she is a grand witch and has been practicing witch craft for twenty years. She helps to heal people, get rid of negative vibes, and see who are ready for love. First, Zach cleanses the ladies with sage incense. Then, one by one the women have to hold up a candle and look through the flame with Zach, into each other’s eyes. When Jess is holding the candle, the flame goes out and she is devastated.

Time for the group cocktail party and Zach chooses to pull Kaity away to have some alone time with her. Next, it is time with Gabi and he tells her that he has butterflied when he is with her. She loves the validation and thinks they could make it the long haul, she calls him a gem. Elsewhere, Jess is still having misgivings because she is the only one to not have a one on one. Zach walks up and asks to speak to her, and she knows this conversation could change everything, and not necessarily for the good.

Zach tells Jess that he is excited to see her and wants to know how she is feeling. She says she is a hopeless romantic but she doesn’t have that much confidence and when she is in a room with the other women, who are full of confidence sometimes it is tough. She has mentions the fact that they haven’t had the one on one, but he tells her that shouldn’t be a factor, he feels something with her. She continues about the one on one and the conversation goes south. She tells him that she is not going to beg to spend time with him, h e walks her out and she leaves.

Jess feels like she showed up and all she needed was quality time with him and he wasn’t processing that. She thinks it is crazy and he is shocked that she is hurt. Zach returns to the women and tells them that he had to send Jess home and he will not be giving a rose to anyone, the night is over.

The next day, Zach is still upset about the night before, he never thought he would wake up and Jess would be gone, and he says it is crazy how things can change after a conversation. Ariel arrives for her one on one with him, they are going to have a nice relaxing spa day.

They start with a charcuterie and are explained that they have to go into the sauna nude, they are give two robes. They go in the spa and keep their swim suits on. Then, a couple come in and they are naked, awkward. The couple give them advice. Zach and Ariel go in the hot tub, and they are really getting along. They seal the date with a kiss and share some champagne. Zach says this is exactly what he needed, she is fun and absolutely gorgeous. Just when they thought they were alone, in comes the naked couple to join them in the hot tub.

Later, they get dressed and have drinks and bond even more. Zach says the date far exceeded his expectations. He takes the rose and gives it to her. He tells her that she might be the best surprise yet.

It is time for the cocktail party, Kat takes Charity to the side and tells her that she stands by what she did. Brooklyn walks in, she tells them she is checking in. Kat walks away and she is furious. Kat doesn’t think she has done anything wrong.

Zach has his time with Kat and he tells her that he felt she was off at the witch date, but she denies anything was wrong.

Time for the Rose Ceremony, the first rose goes to Gabi, then Kaity, Brooklyn and the final rose goes to Kat. Ali is sent home.