The Bachelor Recap 03/13/23: Season 27 Episode 8

The Bachelor Recap 03/13/23: Season 27 Episode 8

The Bachelor 2023 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, March 13, 2023, season 27 episode 8 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 27 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “This week, Zach returns to the United States and sets off on a cross-country adventure to meet the families of his four remaining women in their hometowns, where confessions of love are right around the corner.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Tonight’s The Bachelor episode begins with Zach In the shower. It is hometown week and he has very strong connections with four women. With Katy it was almost immediate, the connection, the spark. His relationship with Charity makes him feel comfortable.

Ariel is one of those late blooming relationships that caught him off guard, she is gorgeous and intellegent. Gabi was hard to read in the beginning, but things really picked up in the last few weeks, it is effortless.

Pittsford, Vermont, the first hometown is with Gabi, its fall and she tells him they are going to have a full maple experience. First they try to drill in a maple tree and no success. Then they do a maple syrup taste test. Zach choose the best tasting, he chooses take maple syrup, it is pancake syrup and they both laugh. Family is really important to her, she hopes her family embraces her relationship with Zach. She can actually really picture a life with him.

It is time to meet the family, Zach will meet Gabi’s sister Chloe, Evan her older brother, Braedan her little brother, and her mom and dad.

Evan sits down with Zach to get to know him a little better, he tells him that he doesn’t want his sister to come out of this broken and defeated. Meanwhile, Gabs tells Chloe that she can see future with Zach, she could be falling in love soon and she is not really good at being emotional. Next, Zach sits down with Gabi’s mama and she tells him that her a daughter is looking for someone to ground her and make her feel safe.

Stephanie likes him, but she also knows this is a process. Gabi’s dad, Kevin, asks her if she is in love. Her father believes in love at first sight, it gives Gabi hope. Gabi tells Zach that she can feel a future with him more than she ever has. She tells him not to forget about her because she is the first hometown date. She is a mess, crying, because she knows there are four more dates. She tells him again she sees something with him and he says the same to her, and leaves.

Next stop for Zach is in New York City to be with Ariel in her hometown. First place they visit is West Village, they pass all the people playing chess in the park. Then they stop by for some famous pizza. And it’s not New York unless you stop at Sarge’s for a beef tongue sandwich and he is all in to try new things. She tells him that her family fled the Soviet Union and she is first generation in the United States, she is so excited for him to meet them. She tells him not to worry about meeting her parents, it is her brother who is protective and he offered to beat up her ex.

Time to meet the family at a brasserie, there is Ariel’s sister Gabby, her brother Bobby, her mom and dad. Ariel is hoping they see what she sees in him. Bobby is first to take Zach to the side to talk, Bobby tells him that he is a skeptic and this is a skeptic, he wants to know why his sister should pick him. Zach is tongue tied at first, then he says he has a big heart and the person he ends up with, he will do anything for.

Bobby asks Zach when Ariel’s birthday is, he can’t answer. Zach says he is focusing on the big things, not the small and whoever he chooses they will have the rest of their lives to find out the small things. Next, it is Ariel’s dad and he says he is a demanding person.

He wants to know how Ariel is different from the others, Zach says her kindness and makes him feel very comfortable, he sees a future with her. It was tough for both of them being drilled by the family. Zach tells Ariel she is very special and he cannot wait for what is to come. Ariel feels good as well, but it is so hard to say goodbye. She knows why her family asked the questions they did and she is happy about tit. She is going to let herself enjoy the emotions until she sees Zach again.

Columbus, Georgia is the next stop for Zach to meet Charity in her home town. First order of the day, Zach will be meeting Charity’s family, her mom Vickie, dad is David, her brothers David and Nehemiah, her sister Mia and her childhood best friends who have prepared an incredible southern spread.

The last time Charity brought someone home it didn’t go well, so they are looking forward to today and want Charity to have her happily ever after. Zach and Charity arrive and they both look very happy. Charity sits down with her dad, he only wants the best for her. She is next with her friends and she says she didn’t expect to be feeling how she is, but she is really happy. Maryn asks if they are in love, Charity says they are on the trajectory. Molade says if Charity ends up heart broken it is going to be hard, she just wants her to find love.

Nehemiah asks Zach where he is with the other women, he says he is trying to departmentalize the whole thing, but almost immediately he felt like he had a connection with Charity.

Nehemiah sits down with Charity, he is in tears and asks her if she is ready if Zach doesn’t choose her. She says she is, but her brothers words make her second guess telling Zach that she was falling in love with, just in case he does break her heart.

Vickie sits down with Charity who tells her that she is in the process of falling for Zach but maybe scared to say those words again. The day with the family is over, but the whole day. Charity takes Zach line dancing. Afterwards, they head out and Charity tells Zach that she is honestly falling in love. He tells her that it feels good. He tells her the moment is so special. As scary as that was, Charity has never felt more free.

Zach then heads to Austin, Texas to be with Kaity, it is so cool that it is both their home. She tells him that she has only lived there for a few short weeks and she wanted him to run a few errands with her. After shopping, they head to her house, this is as real as it gets and Zach feels like there really could be a future with her.

She tells him that he is going to meet her mom and some other family members, but not her dad who walked out when she was young, or her step dad who also walked out. Her mother has been mother and father to her and means everything, she is an amazing mom. If she doesn’t have her mom’s approval with Zach, she can’t see this moving forward.

Kaity can’t wait for her family to meet Zach, but she is so worried if they are going to like him. He is meeting her mom Anne, Aunt Jill, Grandma Jackie, Brother Cooper. She needs their approval to move forward.

Anne is not used to seeing Kaity be so comfortable with a man before. Anne sits down with her daughter who tells her that she is really happy with Zach, he is so down to earth, he is a perfect guy, she feels like she could be engaged to him. She tells her mom that if she doesn’t see Zach being a good partner for her, then she would have a conversation with him and rethink this.

Anne tells Zach that she can see that her daughter is smitten with him and she wants to know how he feels. He says with Kaity it has grown and he can 100% see a future with her. She asks if he is in love, he says it is not a word that can be tossed around in his book but he can see himself falling in love with her.

Kaity admits to her aunt that she is falling in love with Zach, she can see him as her husband, the father of her children, but she hasn’t told him. Her last relationship was seven years on and off of pure toxicity. She admits that except for her brother, every man in her life has failed her. She is worried to fall head over heels in love with Zach and he leaves, she doesn’t know if she can deal with another man walking out on her.

Kaity’s mother tells her that Zach ticks all the boxes and she supports the relationship. Afterwards, Kaity tells Zach that she is falling in love with him and it is so scary. The look on Zach’s face shows that he is smitten with Kaity, he didn’t have this look on his face when Charity told him that she was falling in love with him.

Zach meets with Sean Lowe, his friend and Bachelor alum. He tells him about his visit to all the women’s hometowns. Sean tells him that he had four wonderful women as well but Catherine, he had this aha moment and he believes that he will have his own as well. Zach knows he has to send one woman home, this is going to be a tough decision.

Time for the four women to meet with Zach and to find out which woman is not getting a rose and is at the end of the journey. The first rose goes to Ariel, then Kaity, and the last rose goes to Gabi. This is the end of the journey for Charity, she did not get a rose and she looks broken.