The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Tuesday, March 7 – Hope Keeps Secret from Liam – Brooke Warns of Thomas’ Fixation

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Tuesday, March 7 – Hope Keeps Secret from Liam – Brooke Warns of Thomas’ Fixation

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers recap for Tuesday, March 7, reveals that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) basked in the afterglow with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), but she asked if it was really worth the risk when Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) could kill them.

After Sheila talked about Bill burning every bridge for her, she admitted he was all over the place emotionally.

Sheila suggested that one minute Bill wanted them to open up to each other and the next it was like he struggled to even be near her.

Sometimes Sheila really wondered where she stood with Bill.

Sheila knew that it was all about the chase for Bill, who always made a woman his whole world until the glow wore off and he wound up looking for his next fix.

That left Sheila worried about that glow wearing off for her and landing back in prison.

Deacon said prison might be a safer bet if Bill found out about them, but Sheila said that wasn’t an option because there was no telling what Bill would do.

At Bill’s mansion, he remembered Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) warning about Sheila potentially messing with him and looked deep in thought.

Bill sent Sheila a text to see where she was and continued to seem concerned.

After Sheila got the text, she admitted she wasn’t used to answering to anyone.

Sheila insisted Bill could never know what happened today and pushed Deacon to swear he’d keep quiet about it.

As Sheila got increasingly agitated, she shouted at Deacon to swear it to her and shoved him.

Deacon indeed swore to keep the secret and comforted Sheila by pulling her into a hug.

At the cabin on Tuesday’s B&B episode, Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) told Liam that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wanted to press pause on production unless they could find a solution for Hope for the Future.

That news surprised Liam, but he was convinced things would work out with the line and with Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri), too.

Liam smiled and said Hope would always have him, but she didn’t mention anything about Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) potentially rejoining the line.

After Liam revealed that the creep factor was off the charts over at Bill’s place, he said he didn’t understand his father’s relationship.

Hope assumed Liam wasn’t buying that Bill was in love, so Liam confessed that he didn’t know what his dad felt for Sheila.

However, Liam thought that maybe Sheila was the one who should be a little worried! If Sheila ever crossed Bill, Liam insisted she’d regret it.

Once Sheila came home to Bill, she lied about being out shopping.

Bill pointed out that Sheila didn’t have any bags, but she acted like the fun was in being free to go in and out of stores.

Sheila quizzed Bill about Liam’s visit and hoped for acceptance someday, but she seemed weirded out over how he was looking at her.

Bill said Liam warned that he couldn’t trust Sheila – that she was playing him.

Sheila wondered how Bill responded, so he replied that he trusted Sheila because they were open with each other.

Besides, Bill declared that everyone knew nobody betrayed him and got away with it!

At Forrester Creations, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) told Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) about Thomas being the solution to saving Hope’s line.

Brooke knew Liam wasn’t going to approve and remained upset over the CPS call chaos that ended her marriage.

Taylor urged Brooke to focus on the positive since they wouldn’t have become friends without Thomas’ mess.

After Taylor hoped that Brooke could find it in her heart to be open-minded about her son, Thomas appeared and hoped that, too.

Once Thomas acknowledged that he hurt Brooke, he said he was sorry and knew he didn’t deserve her forgiveness.

Even so, Thomas was asking – not just for his sake, but for Hope’s and her line.

After Taylor stepped away, Thomas talked about working on impulse control in therapy and explained how he knew it was wrong to reunite his parents based on a lie.

Brooke pointed out that she’d heard all these heartfelt apologies before – plus, Thomas did cost Brooke her marriage!

Thomas understood that, but he also argued that Brooke gained a wonderful friend in Taylor.

Brooke was pleased about that, but she wished they could’ve gotten here differently and without all the manipulation of her relationship with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Nevertheless, Brooke acknowledged the current situation and thought the real question was how she could ever trust Thomas with Hope again.

Thomas didn’t blame Brooke for being skeptical about his apologies, but he assured her that he truly wanted to do better – especially for Douglas.

Taylor walked back over and piped up about everyone making mistakes.

That said, Taylor didn’t think people should have to pay for them for the rest of their lives – particularly since good people can make bad choices.

Brooke wanted confirmation that if Thomas worked with Hope, he wouldn’t be obsessed with her anymore.

Thomas’ fixation with Hope had to be over or else there was nothing more to discuss according to Brooke.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Brooke will keep her guard up when it comes to Thomas and the changes he claims to have made, so stay tuned for updates on whether he’ll stick to them.

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