The Masked Singer Recap 05/10/23: Season 9 Episode 13 “Semi-Finals”

The Masked Singer Recap 05/10/23: Season 9 Episode 13 "Semi-Finals"

Tonight on FOX The Masked Singer airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Season 9 episode 13 and we have your The Masked Singer recap below. On tonight’s The Masked Singer season, 9 episode 13 called “Semi-Finals,” as per the FOX synopsis, “It’s a three-way Battle Royale!

The remaining three celebrity singers perform in the Semi-Finals, but only two will move on to compete in the season finale.

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It’s the semifinals! All three remaining performers will complete with only two moving ahead. Host Nick Cannon introduces the panel before the show gets right into the competition.

The show takes a closer look at California Roll. They share some subtle clues about performing together and before sharing that they hope to win the series. They perform a well-known song, Make A Wish. The audience loves their performance. Jenny thinks they are the ones to beat. She loves their harmony. The California Roll reveals that they have a connection to Jenny on Broadway. Jenny racks her brain for who it might be. Nicole thinks its the cast of Hamilton.

Medusa shares how her biggest cheerleader died in 2020. A short time later she had her son and it felt like a gift from her friend. She sings a song by Hozier. Everyone goes crazy. They love her. She shares she has a connection to Robin in regard to a platinum album. They all give their guesses; Ell Goulding, Sarah MaCaughlin.

McCaw is up next. He shares how he shared the biggest part of himself after hiding for so long. He feels free and cannot wait to look right at the camera and perform.

They love his song choice, You Know Your Beautiful. He shares that he has a connection to Nicole, it is their love for the Philippines. Nicole thinks this might be Darren Criss or David Archuleta.

It is time for all three to compete in a Battle Royale! They each take their turn. The panel is troubled since all of them are great. The panel doesn’t want to choose.

The votes are in….The California Roll will sadly go home. The McCaw and Medusa will move forward to the Finals!

Its time for the panel to give their final guesses; Pitch Perfect, the cast of Hamilton or maybe Pentatonix. It is time for the group to reveal their true identity. The audience chants take it off!! Take it off! The group unmasks and reveals it is in fact Pentatonix.

The panel is so mesmerized. Nicole calls them Grade A performers. Thee group gives one last performance.