The Young and the Restless Recap: Thursday, March 23 – Sharon Is Adam’s Date for Gala – Sally’s Baby Bump Debut

The Young and the Restless Recap: Thursday, March 23 – Sharon Is Adam’s Date for Gala – Sally’s Baby Bump Debut

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Thursday, March 23, teases that Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will show up at the athletic club ahead of the bicentennial gala. Once Victor and Nikki speak to reporters, they’ll look forward to all the guests arriving.

At the Abbott house, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will try to charm Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) into attending the party with him instead of going alone.

Ashley will resist until Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) blows up and causes Ashley to make it a date out of spite.

Afterward, Jack and Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) will give Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) updates on their engagement announcement plans.

Summer will worry about Phyllis Summers’ (Michelle Stafford) reaction, but she’ll eventually decide she shouldn’t care about her mom’s feelings.

At Crimson Lights, Abby Newman-Abbott (Melissa Ordway) will try to apologize to Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan), but Amanda will insist she really doesn’t care.

However, Amanda will admit not caring didn’t happen overnight. It involved replaying Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) cheating with Abby over and over, but Amanda knew she couldn’t let what happened dictate her life.

Abby will worry that Amanda’s trying to punish Devon through her involvement in this arbitration, but Amanda will insist it’s not about revenge.

Once Amanda says to let the grownups figure it out, she’ll warn that she has no interest in speaking to Abby about this or anything else ever again.

Outside Devon’s penthouse, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) will cross paths with him and want to help his cousin make amends with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).

Devon won’t think Nate should pretend he cares and will suggest there’s nothing he can do anyway.

At Society, Lily will grill Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) about why she changed the mind regarding the IPO, but Jill will only admit she got some sage advice and an alternative from an old friend.

In Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) suite, she’ll be nervous about the masquerade ball now that she’s in her second trimester.

Sally won’t have her dress on yet, but she’ll tell Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) that she’s starting to show.

Although Sally will worry about her baby bump being visible and becoming a topic of conversation, Nick won’t think anyone’s going to notice.

Once Nick reassures Sally and makes love to her, she’ll feel like nothing can bring her down with Nick by her side.

At the coffeehouse, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will run into Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), so they’ll bicker about the McCall Unlimited acquisition until Nate appears and rushes to Victoria’s defense.

Adam will find that interesting and will taunt Nate by asking if he’s going to the gala with Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) or turning this into a work thing with Victoria.

Nate will insist he’s obviously going with Elena before Victoria warns that play time is over and leads him out.

Next on Thursday’s Y&R episode, Adam will ask who Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) is going to the gala with, so she’ll admit she’s going by herself.

When Adam pitches the idea of going together instead, Sharon will assume he wants someone to complain to when he sees Sally with Nick.

Adam will insist he’s accepted Nick’s relationship with Sally and will simply act like it’d be fun to have Sharon for company.

Once Sharon gets on board, Adam will tell her that she made his night.

At Devon’s penthouse, he’ll tell Abby about Jill’s change of heart regarding the IPO, but he won’t feel like he can trust any of them now.

Abby will also fill Devon in on her encounter with Amanda and convince him to come to the gala with her since there’s going to be a surprise.

While Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) joins Nikki and Victor at the GCAC bar, more guests will arrive and speak with reporters outside.

Ashley will pose for photos with Tucker, so she’ll get asked if they’re a couple again.

Since Ashley will assume the reporters will write whatever they want anyway, she’ll note that she’s there to celebrate 200 years of Genoa City.

While pictures are snapped of Devon and Abby, Jill will arrive along with Lily and Daniel Romalotti Jr. (Michael Graziadei).

That’ll lead to an awkward group photo and some glaring between Lily as well as Devon inside.

Back with Victor, he’ll approach Ashley as she sits with Tucker.

Victor will wonder if Ashley bought Tucker’s debt to tick him off and will act like it doesn’t make sense for her to be his date now.

After Nick and Sally take their own turn with reporters, they’ll gaze over and see that Adam is arriving with Sharon.

At home, Jack will slip Diane’s ring back on her finger.

Once everyone knows about the engagement, Jack will insist they’ll finally have the happiness that they both deserve.

Finally, Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) will be dressed for the party along with Phyllis, who’ll assure him that she’s ready to go.

Phyllis will declare that it’s time to make things right, so she’ll lead the way as Jeremy follows with a backpack.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say this gala will indeed turn into an unforgettable night, so stay tuned for shocking news!

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