General Hospital Recasting The Role Of Jason Morgan: Possible Replacement Revealed

General Hospital Recasting The Role Of Jason Morgan: Possible Replacement Revealed

I’m a huge General Hospital fan and when Steve Burton who played mob enforcer Jason Morgan announced he was leaving the show to go home to Tennessee I was heartbroken as were many fans of the popular ABC soap.  Steven joined the show in 1991 and left in late 2012.

Shortly after Steve exited General Hospital he turned up on the Young & The Restless which left fans shocked.  Steve finally spoke out about his departure, “It was so many things that came together at once. Now that the real story has come out about how I left and that we were in talks for eight weeks to have me fly in, I think it was me more wanting to hang onto “General Hospital” then wanting to let it go. So obviously that didn’t work and I went to Tennessee and Jill – we tried to do a similar fly in deal at “General Hospital” [when she was the producer]. Even then, the schedule didn’t really permit it.”

Jason departed the show after being shot by Cesar Faison at the docks.  He fought for his life but when Jason suddenly stopped moving, Faison kicked him into the water by the docks, and he was presumed dead.  Of course in true Soap Opera fashion dead never really means dead.

With Jason’s character gone it left mob boss Sonny without an enforcer.  The show beefed up Shawn Butler’s role played by Sean Blakemore and he became Sonny’s new enforcer.  I like the role of Shawn but I never really felt he worked well with Sonny, he was just not a replacement for Jason.

I guess the powers that be saw the void that was left by writing Jason out of the show and now there are rumors that they may recast Jason.  A possible replacement is former Y & R actor Billy Miller.  Billy has been replaced on Y & R by David Tom so he is available for the role.  Billy can still be seen on Y & R until January 3rd, 2014.

Since it seems clear that Steve Burton is not returning to GH, a recast of the character makes sense.  It will be fun to see who Sam (Jason’s wife and mother of his son) chooses Jason or Silas (her current almost boyfriend.)  There will be several other possible interesting storylines:

  • At the time of his death Jason did not know that Sam’s son Danny was his son
  • How will Jason react finding out psycho Franco is not his brother
  • What will Jason think of Carly, his best friend, dating Franco
  • Will Jason go back to working for Sonny
  • Will Jason and Shawn get along

What do you think of recasting Jason Morgan’s role with Billy Miller.  Will he be a good replacement?  Do you have other suggestions for who could replace Jason?  Hit the comments and give us your ideas!

  • Angel 2009

    Steve Burton will always be Jason Morgan – recasting such a memorable and established character will be extremely difficult. I certainly would have a hard time accepting a new actor as Jason!

  • Donna Copeland

    Steve Burton will always be Jason.. but if you recast we probably won’t like that person cause we didn’t like the recast of lulu..

  • Mamaroneck NY Girl

    There is no one that can replace Steve Burton I have been watching General Hospital way before Luke ans Laura’s unforgetable wedding. To try and replace Steve is not going to happen wirh the fans. Try and get him back what ever it takes.

  • Deb Van Trigt

    I am fine with a recast, but not looking forward to all the whining bitching and moaning I am going to hear about it though.

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  • Pam

    OH HECK NO! there is NO replacement for the great Jason Morgan

  • Linda Almeda


  • Linda Almeda

    love billy miller he will be a great replacement

  • Thinkerbell

    So well written and broad minded there is nothing to add but BRAVO!

  • GHFan26

    The biggest problem for him was the location and work hours, there’s no incentive that could change that. We’ve gone through many recasts and gotten to love the new characters. SB was great and if we get a new Jason, there’ a good chance he’ll be great just in a different way

  • Lowell Morgan Smithson

    YES! I was skeptical at first about recasting Jason. Recasts are hard, especially with someone as popular as Steve Burton’s Jason, and fans aren’t always the most receptive (Jen Lilley, last Kristina, nuLulu, nuMorgan). But I’ve been a fan of Billy’s since he was on AMC and I think he would be perfect! Not to mention up for the challenge. He took over Y&R’s Billy Abbott and now a lot of fans are upset that he’s being replaced by the original non-child. Billy Miller as Jason Morgan, sign me up!

  • Donna Anderson

    Now there’s a cool twist. Jason Morgan comes back as Jason Quartermaine… very interesting!

  • Anonymous

    I think Billy Miller would be an awesome choice! I love him and was sad about his departure from Y&R. Steve is and always will be my first choice, but he’s not coming back and I think they need Jason back on the canvass. I don’t think it will happen, but I can dream!

  • biggrannygranny

    No one can replace Steve Burton as Jason Morgan……let him stay dead!

  • Jme

    Are you serious? Steve Burton isn’t that great of an actor.

    Billy Miller on the other hand has earned the nickname of “Killer Miller” because he kills his scenes.

  • Angel 2009

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen OLTL that I don’t recall him – will look him up. Thanks! :)

  • Nicole B.

    Billy Miller will be the perfect Jason Morgan! Bring him on please!!! He’s got a nice muscular build, nice eyes and smile, bad boy attitude, and so effin sexy!!!

  • SBfan

    if they recast Jason Im done. I can barely watch without Steve as it is

  • Carrie

    I think a recast would be great. I did really like Steve Burton as Jason, but if they did a recast I think an awesome person would be Cameron Mathison from AMC.

  • delia

    Are u crazy….recasting Jason Morgan is like recasting sonny corinthos…I don’t like it..I can never picture anybody else playing them roles ..Steve Burton is Jason morgan…that character is irreplaceable…just like a lot of his fans said he is to much of a popular role to replace…I’m one of his biggest fans and I was mad when he left and the sneaky way he did it…but I got over it..the show is still good with out him…but I do hope one day he will come back..but until then leave his role alone…his true won’t like it at all

  • Lisa

    Come on…. If your going to recast at least find someone that more closely resembles him. It’s bad enough we’ve lost Steve Burton and over the years we’ve had to deal with so many character recast as it is. It took 3 tries to get a decent Carly and we finally have the original AJ. That bay watch guy was a horrible replacement. Steve can never truly be replaced. He is Jason Morgan

  • lisa

    Been waiting y&y since Steve left gh. Been hooked ever since, and I love Billy Miller he would be perfect!!

  • letticia

    Bad idea! I’m all for recasting actors but they’re certain actors/and roles that should be left alone! Steve Burton left his mark as JASON MORGAN… he should be the only one to play it!

  • .su

    Love the idea he is great acter loved him on y&r he will make a good Jason can’t wait

  • Hazel 23

    Bring Steve Burton Back To GH,, No Replacement!!! It’s Not Fair!!!

  • A6768NAMVET

    Love to see the character of Jason Morgan return and Billy Miller would be an excellent recast! And Jason better go back to working for Sonny! Bring back the Mob storylines…..all this nonsense by the lousy Carliavati’s puny storylines is killing GH!

  • Yardley

    Billy Miller is hot! Watching big time

  • Anonymous

    I have to disagree! The new Lulu is horrible!!

  • Jen

    Sorry but the role of Jason belongs to Steve Burton and any recast or substitution is unacceptable. Steve Burton made Jason who he is today a character we love to watch in action or watch in rare scenes expressing his emotions. Steve Burton captured and defined Jason’s role in a way that cannot replaced. If Steve cannot return to the role it should not be recasted.

  • linda

    Billy Miller is the ONLY one that could possibly replace Steve Burton as Jason. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  • linda

    Woohoo Billy Miller as Jason. Woohoo.

  • Paul

    I say make it an unknown actor that way he makes the part his own without the audience remembering him in another role there was a guy in Brooklyn that would’ve been perfect as an enforcer as that used to be his job many years ago but he has the intimidating features the only thing he would be missing is blue eyes but what the hell technology can do anything

  • Shelly Kidwell

    I think Billy Miller would be perfect and GH fans will fall in love with him , but it will be different I know but Jason needs recast steve not coming back and GH needs a Jason

  • Jess


  • Karen

    Michael mulhany will be a better Jason. Than billy miller

  • Karen

    Michael mulhany is perfect as Jason Morgan not billy miller

  • Karen

    Billy miller is not the mob type Michael mulhany would fit perfectly

  • Karen

    Billy miller is not the mob type. But Michael mulhany is and would fit perfectly

  • kishy

    i think that billy miller will make a better replacement because he has a great body and he is as hot as Steve burton was !!!!

  • pkp

    gh needs jason.morgan i think it would be great if billy . miller was the new jason.there is so much that could be done with him.

  • Linda Semple Hendrix

    michael muhney would be better who is carly to jason?

  • Dee Bianchini

    No! No one could ever replace his shoes. Or even replace him in anyway! Make a awesome deal to bring back our Jason and hike up the show once more!

  • anonymous

    They should keep him dead.

  • Gayle Miller

    Steve is Jason he cannot be replaced or recast. Leave him dead instead of bringing in an imposture

  • shaun

    Yes yes yes love some billy miller as Jason would be great

  • Barbara

    I would like to see Michael Muhney as Jason. Great actor!

  • Barbara Ann Murray

    I’d like to see the last actor who
    played AJ play Jason Morgan!

  • Jo-Ann 617

    I think its a huge mistake recasting Steve Burton. GH did it with Franco give Todd from OLTL the role. He will always be Todd Manning to me. Steve Burton is the only one who should play Jason, I think any other choice is a bad one for GH and its millions of fans.