Kate Middleton Baby Shower Royal Scandal – Camilla Parker-Bowles NOT Invited

Kate Middleton Baby Shower Royal Scandal - Camilla Parker-Bowles NOT Invited

Kate Middleton Royal baby shower! Kate, friend to the peasants and royals alike, will be throwing a baby shower for her unborn royal fetus. Although it was her sister Pippa Middleton’s idea, and is said to be a low-key affair, Kate is reportedly hoping that Queen Elizabeth will show up. You know who she hopes won’t show up? Non-invitee Camilla Parker-Bowles.

OK Magazine first reported about the planned baby shower, with a ‘source’ [seriously, these royals need better friends] saying, “It was her sister Pippa’s idea. Pippa is in charge of decorations. Wine and beer will be available — not that Kate will be drinking alcohol, of course. There will certainly be none of the hard stuff.”

The source also added that the Queen received a special invite and although it’s not technically royal tradition to have baby showers – neither Queen Elizabeth nor Queen Victoria had one – Kate’s hoping her grandmother-in-law will make an appearance. This ‘source’ added, “While it’s all going to be very relaxed and fun, Kate is hoping the queen will drop by because the two are remarkably close. They bonded big time and really enjoy each other’s company. Since this is going to be a first for royals, Kate would love the queen to be part of it.”

They bonded big time’ and ‘enjoyed each other’s company’. This reads slightly like fan fiction, but because we want it to be true, we’ll let it go.

So Kate’s friends will be there, the Queen will [probably not] be there. Kate, of course, did not invite Camilla Parker-Bowles. No doubt, she’ll try to find a way to wrangle a way into the party to try to sabotage it, but good luck to her in trying to do that. Her attempts to get on the throne are getting more and more laughable as the days go by, especially as it’s looking like Queen Elizabeth is going to live to a long, ripe age and then likely pass the throne over to Prince William and then Kate’s child, who will become heir the minute they’re born. Skip Prince Charles? Why not. It’s not like he’s in any condition to rule, what with his alcoholic wife and his own inability to keep his mouth shut in public.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet