Selena Gomez Breakdown and Rehab after Concert Tour Cancellation – Just Like Demi Lovato?

Selena Gomez Breakdown and Rehab after Concert Tour Cancellation - Just Like Demi Lovato?

Does Disney push its young stars too hard? It’s a question that has been kicked around a lot lately. Joe Jonas raised it a few weeks ago when he penned an essay explaining how Disney stars often join together to deal with the heavy pressure that’s placed on them. Joe claimed that it was Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus who introduced him to drugs when they were all barely old enough to drive. There’s always some sort of scandal connected to these kids, whether it’s drug use, naked pictures or dysfunctional relationships, they move into adulthood with a boatload of cash but little stability it seems.

Overnight a statement dropped informing everyone that Selena Gomez would be canceling her upcoming tour of Southeast Asia and Australia. Obviously something big has gone down here and if you look closely enough you’ll see some interesting parallels. Selena’s statement leads us to believe that she and the entire team that backs her believe it’s a good idea to lose tons of money already invested in this tour in order to take some “me time”. Think back a few years to when then-Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato abruptly ducked out of sight at first claiming that she needed to take care of herself. Thanks to several unique interviews we now know that Demi was a train wreck, plagued by drugs, alcohol and self-abuse issues. She spent months in rehab and slowly put herself back together and moved on with a very different kind of career. It seems that being honest about her problems has ultimately helped Demi to stay on a better path and it has garnered her an even bigger fan base than the one that she had before.

Demi had one meltdown before she was ushered out of sight. One single incident that gave fans a reason to do a double take, she decked a back up dancer. Last week Selena dropped an F-bomb and stormed off stage. One little blip and all of a sudden her tour is canceled and she needs to take care of herself. By now you see the pattern right? No one cancels a tour because they don’t feel like doing it. She is going through heavy duty stuff, just like Demi did and it is being acknowledged lightly, just as Demi’s situation was.

Selena has had a rough few years. Sure, her career has been great and she has had tons of opportunities, but with that comes a world of stress. Then there was the tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber. If she was doing drugs beside him he likely gave her a million reasons after the fact to need to numb herself, right? The real question right now is how bad is it really. We know how bad Demi was when it was all played off as nothing major. Do you think that Selena is in the same boat? Is rehab right around the corner for her too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet