The Blacklist’s Megan Boone Faces Fan Backlash For Weak Performance – Can’t Compete With James Spader

The Blacklist's Megan Boone Faces Fan Backlash For Weak Performance - Can't Compete With James Spader

Are you one of the millions of NBC fans that tunes in each week to watch the biggest new drama on television – The Blacklist? James Spader plays Ray Reddington, a criminal that turned himself in under the guise that rather than being punished, he’ll help the FBI pull some of the worst criminals off the streets. Megan Boone portrays special agent Elizabeth Keene, the only person that Redd trusts his “blacklist” with. There is also a personal connection between the two characters that has yet to be explained but plenty of fans speculate that Redd is actually Liz’s real father.

Spader is obviously brilliant at everything that he does and this role seems to have been tailor-made for him. Unfortunately the rest of the cast has taken some heat because compared to Spader – well they just can’t compare. Boone has the most scenes with Spader and in recent months we have heard rumors of him not being so patient about the number of takes she needs to get a scene right. According to the March 3rd print edition of GLOBE some fans would love to see Boone replaced with a less stiff actress but she’s not going anywhere without a fight.

Boone said in an interview a few months back that she knew when she read the first script that this was a character that she needed to fight for and that’s how she beat out hundreds of other actresses. Now it seems like she better find her grove and fast because the fan support for her is dwindling. Is NBC likely to recast Boone’s character? Probably not and they can’t get rid of her because it’s very clear that this entire show is tangled around Keene’s relationship with Redd. Since it is killing it in the ratings there is no way that the powers-that-be will purposely switch up a formula that is working.

How do you feel about Boone’s character? Does she do a good job but working beside Spader would make anyone look shaky? Or does she need to sharpen those skills and really fall into character fast? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Marry White

    Dislike Boone’s acting. Liz become more and more boring and stupid. I hope NBC could reduce her scenes.

  • AlanaBeauregard

    I agree Megan’s acting is not as good as anyone else on the show. She comes across as stiff and has only one look on her face. In her time off she should take some acting lessons. I don’t know her contract however, she could possibly be replaced with another brunette who favors her. Loosen up Megan no need to be so poker-faced in every scene.

  • Pajamaparty

    I think she does a great job and is getting better. No one is going to touch Spader when it comes to acting, but she has grown in her role. Remember she is supposed to be a young, inexperienced FBI agent and she is also trying to make her marriage work while being uncertain about her husband at the same time. She often gives a look of uncertainty and anquish which is what the character is supposed to. I have no problems with her.


      all those things that you mentioned about her role is absolutely right…she is dealing with too many things in her life. But the only problem is that she’s not able to deliver the emotions that a person in that state is supposed to experience. She’s too expressionless as if she doesn’t feel anything

  • The Bon_Scott

    She’s doing a terrific job, it’s that it’s a near impossible task to perform at Spader’s level.

  • Bob Cole

    what show is every body watching here that they say that putz is doing a good job? she sucksssss..
    she is a stiff, an expressionless dumbfound no skills mediocre actor .
    why is she there? only God knows, she sucks at acting and her character sucks at her profiling job,
    james it`s no jack nicholson , anthony hopkins or michael caine but what he is is a terrific tv actor,so no way that he is alone in the top of the evererest, plenty actors are a good match for his presence but NOT her.
    what makes it more tragic it`s that in real life outside the studios, she is a fresh young lady, she is the “next door neighbor” pretty money is she will never be a good actor, she will always be a stiff and a bore.
    all of this is IMO.

  • pawlie

    Boone is badly outclassed in every scene she is in. How she got this role is puzzling; based upon her current acting skills, she should have never risen above being a Hallmark movie actress

  • Mjuplate

    I am so frustrated with the acting of Megan Boone. I want to love this show, but she literally makes me roll my eyes. James Spader is amazing, but he deserves a better actor to share his stage. Her look, acting ability and voice are completely annoying.

    • Tvmouse

      I totally agree! I tried to like the show, but Megan Boone is so utterly unwatchable, even James Spader can’t save it. She is probably one of the worst actresses (if you can call her that) working in such a prominent role today; if NBC decides to kill her off and replace her with someone of even mediocre talent, maybe kore people would watch. Spader has to be a saint working with such an amateur every day. She is absolutely dreadful–she ruins what could be a good show.

  • Yazzito

    Spader is outstanding and he makes the show what it is. Megan Boone is pretty terrible. She has one expression and poses that way in EVERY SINGLE scene. Aside from the fact that she is very pretty, she adds nothing to the show. I would highly prefer to see a more dynamic character with some acting chops to take on the role. She has no chemistry/bond with anyone on the show. I am totally sucked into Spade’s story, he’s been outstanding, but I could care less about Megan’s. My guess is that Spade was a bit costly and they had to work with a lower budget and could only afford Megan.

  • Keisha

    hate Megan!! How Did She Win The Role?! Soo Uptight, Stiff, And Just Horrible

  • merioneth

    How did Liz Keene ever become an FBI agent, her character is totally useless…and her dah facial expression is even more annoying. Her husband has more intrigue than her….please please change her character.

  • woodrow

    The small town of Burnt scrotum, NM collected 2-dollars, 1-chicken, and a rock for the please send Megan Boone to acting school foundation.

  • Edge

    She is horrible. Compare her to Amy Acker or Sarah Shahi of “Person of Interest.” Much better actresses, albeit supported by better writing in the case of their roles. Boone’s weak acting combined with the indecision of the the showrunner as to her real “role” in the series (Tough girl? Wimp?) and I cringe every time she opens her mouth. Write her off, have Red go on a revenge rampage as he did mid-season one, and move on. Thank goodness for streaming video so I can move past her scenes quickly.

  • jh

    I don’t know who is more at fault for the deficiencies in Lizzie Keen’s character, the writers or Megan Boone. Probably both. For example, in an early episode Lizzie was in hot water for failing to stop the bad guy who was holding a bailiff hostage. As explained to her she put hundreds of lives in danger to save the one person. In the recent episode about The Front, when she is confronted by Beck who is holding bags that contain a plague that could kill millions. He tells her if she shoots him he will drop both bags, killing them both & she lowers her gun. This time w/no repercussions except from the Mossad agent who is shouted down by the same boss who blasted Keen when she did the same last season. One episode Lizzie feels a bond w/Reddington the very next she is contemptuous. As profiler wouldn’t she be interested in learning details about his background? But all she asks is if he is her father & did he kill Sam. Each case seems to expose more flaws in the FBI’s Intel, yet she never questions the Intel on Reddington. I find her extremely unpleasant but quite amusing when I think about her self-assessment that she is “extremely street smart. Huh?

  • Indiana George

    Hopefully they can write the show in a way that explains how Red just used Lizzie to get his tenacles into the FBI and then Agent Keen suffers a “tragic” accident.

  • Leafy

    I actually like her. And Spader is incredible. But this shows needs to be more like Hannibal and less like Criminal Minds.

  • Ashhhh

    Recently started watching Blacklist…have to say that the lead actress is expressionless and because of her the show really lacks the emotional connect that can take the series to another level. Wish there was another actress…may be they can make her get into an accident which requires a face reconstruction…that would get the makers get a better actress!

  • mike

    are u high dalilah? thats what i am thinking.