The Blacklist Battle: James Spader Hates Working With Megan Boone – Becomes A Bully On The Set

The Blacklist Battle: James Spader Hates Working With Megan Boone - Becomes A Bully On The Set

Megan Boone really hit the ground running when she was cast as Agent Liz Keen in NBC’s instant smash-hit The Blacklist, but nothing could have prepared her for working so closely with James Spader. He has decades worth of experience to Megan’s short-lived stint on Law & Order: LA and it really shows during filming. According to the Nov. 11th print edition of National Enquirer on one particularly bad day Megan blew 12 takes which left James to keep rehashing complicated dialog until he lost it.

Those set side say that Megan’s inexperience is really showing and rather than trying to help her through it James ends up losing his patience until he turns into a big bully. Also being a great method actor means that James in in character as long as he is on set which totally creeps people out. That much I can understand. How can you go from being normal and a nice guy to a total psychopath once the camera rolls? It’s probably better to remain in character, making him far more believable in the role of Ray Reddington.

I think that the onscreen chemistry between James and Megan is definitely working in spite of her kind of needing to find her way as she goes. It was also a predictable situation don’t you think? James is the equivalent of an acting genius and putting him with a novice on screen was going to have its share of problems. In spite of that, the show is clearly working and the powers-that-be have absolutely no intention of changing anything at this point so it sounds like Spader is going to have to bite his tongue a little more while Megan catches up. Are you a Blacklist fan? What do you think the real connection between Keen and Redd really is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • IndigoMX9

    I am a huge fan of the show, I watch each episode three times because it’s THAT good. Plus I like to catch up on anything that I might have missed.

    I think that Liz is Raymond’s daughter. I can’t imagine anyone moving mountains like Raymond does for Liz unless there was a close connection.

    I hope that the lead actors can work out any problems because this show is fantastic!

    • Nana

      It is quite obvious to me she is his daughter bc without this connection she is worthless to him. Her character is kinda annoying but I love the show.

  • Katielee4211

    I love the show, and never miss it–well I do, but I record it so as not to miss a minute.

  • NeilB

    Agree with Indigo. This is the best show on TV right now. Sorry to hear that Lizzie and Ray aren’t getting along. James Spader is a superb actor and Megan Boone is absolutely gorgeous.

    • cuspernicus

      The best show? You are insane… Walking dead, game of thrones, boardwalk empire?

  • Janie Noles

    I totally love the show and I love James Spader, hope he goes a litlle easier on Megan because she is really good also. I think the connection between the two is that he is really her father so we will have to wait to find out.

  • DM

    NBC should find a replacement for Boone – she’s no match for Spader; maybe her salary was all NBC could afford at the moment. Too bad for an otherwise excellent cast/show

  • cuspernicus

    nah she is terrible…

  • helena

    Megan has no screen presence. Everyone around her is great but it doesnt make any difference because a bad lemon ruins the whole fruit bowl. She is shit. I’ve watched 2 episodes & can’t watch anymore because Megan is out of her depth.

    • Dee

      What a shame – you’re missing a fantsstic show! It’s NBC’s biggest hit and millions feel she’s pretty good.

  • Anne

    I like Megan Boone as Elizabeth. She is very beautiful and is able to maintain a tough exterior, which is perfect for her character. Her character wants to be taken seriously. If she were a more seasoned actress, the show would not be so delicately balanced as it is. Her character goes well with James Spader’s character. They play off of each other. I’m glad they didn’t pick an overly emotional actress to play Elizabeth. She is supposed to act cool under pressure and she does..the characters job (as an agent) is supposed to be one of the most demanding and stressful jobs out there, and she maintains her poise.

    If you want to truly be annoyed by an actress playing a female FBI agent on prime time tv, look no further than the new hit show “Believe,” where actress Trieste Kelly Dunn plays a frustrated and overly emotional character as Agent Elizabeth Ferrell.

    Now for the makeup artist on the Blacklist: whoever is doing Megan’s makeup is great. I wish they would have a blog dedicated to showing what brands and shades of makeup they use on her. Her daytime makeup is striking without being gaudy or smoky…perfect for her character.

  • devoted fan

    My husband and I have watched the whole season, and by far this is our favorite drama. I was drawn to Lizzie’s character first, and Red’s second. (a little too sadastic for me), and am still wondering what’s up with Tom. ( I am ready for the mystery between Tom and Liz to end). I hope she kicks his b… good.
    Red’s character is fasinating and am glad he is on the good guys side (I think, as long as it suits his purposes). Please don’t kill off Liz’s character. She was young from the start, and is learning as she goes. This last week showed a lot more spunk on her part, and glad to see it. Can’t say enough, LOVE THE SHOW!

  • Kireal

    It’s a Man opera. Classic man-opera formula. Loved James Spader on the Office, but I am not a fan of any show with man-opera plots.

  • Brenda

    This is one of the few shows that my sister and I both like! So interesting! I truly believe that Lizzie” has evolved in the show. She is harder than at the beginning, and she is a better actress.

  • Judit

    Would an uncle sit daydreaming at the ballet about a little girl who danced? I think one needs a more direct bloodline for that kind of emotion.

  • N2Art


  • Mike

    You’re a complete, [expletive]idiot. Boone is a perfect counter to Spader on this show; not to mention that she is exceedingly attractive.

    Go back to your mommy’s basement, virgin.

  • loudmouthlatino

    Meghan is doing a great job and her chemistry with Spader is outstanding. Spader is great as always! Love his character and how he delivers his lines.

  • sam

    this isn’t true, in an interview she said that throughout their recording, he is always talking to her at the side asking if she’s okay and hows it going, and that they actually get along really well and he’s always making her laugh.
    you’re not a 10 year old

  • Irene

    I am not too keen on Megan either, excuse the pun. She is so bad, I cannot believe this show lets her stay. I don’t think James is her father. Probably close friend of her family’s, or even worse, the cause of the event which caused her family’s demise.

  • JesusSavesatTarget

    “I don’t notice these things”. Thanks for confirming you are an unanalytical fanboy, while undermining your own poorly argued opinion, lol. You have repeated the same tiresome statement over and over here a dozen times without a shred of supporting evidence. In the words of Christopher Hitchens, “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    “It’s easy to criticize until you are put in the same position. Leave her alone.” Again, terrible attempt at anything resembling a coherent argument. As a consumer of this product, I have every right to point out her obvious shortcomings and for you to claim otherwise is a straw man attack that has NOTHING to do with the topic. So only other actresses on primetime shows have a right to criticize her? This makes total sense only to a moron. Lastly, it has been well documented Spader is also displeased with her acting limitations, so you’ll have to excuse us if we laugh at your uninformed opinion.

    • BeanerJesus

      Jesus is a flamboyant douche bag.

    • Dee

      Well, admitedly, it isn’t Shakespeare.

    • Carla Mayes Garner

      You’re just an opinionated a@@

      • JesusSavesatTarget

        And you’re an uneducated double-chinned white-trash Texas redneck unsurprisingly incapable of anything more than a 4 word throwaway response. We can exchange empty insults all day you red-state moron, meanwhile you haven’t countered a single point made here about the self-evidently atrocious acting of Megan “nepotism beneficiary” Boone.

  • Tate

    First, this is the only site that’s reported these “facts.” Doesn’t make them true. Unless you believe everything you read in sites like these, then that’s your problem. Everything I’ve read says Spader is a great guy and has gone out of his way to give Boone advice. Second, once again, you act like a self righteous, holier than thou, d bag, with anyone who disagrees with you. Your OPINION is no more right than mine.

  • Butthurt much?

    I guess jealousy is like bum lovin without any lubricant eh shut up?

  • Dee

    If his daughter, why would he have done what he did re: Tom? That wouldn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t he have expected her to hate him when she found out?

  • Dee

    Yeah, everyone’s a critic. It’s not as easy as it looks.

  • Dee

    Sheesh JST – can’t we all just get along? This isn’t nucelar weapons talks, after all. ;) People are free to give their opinions about a TV show.

  • Dee

    That might be weird, as he’s 20 years older than her. Old enough to be her father. Maybe IS her father. So that would even weirder.

  • Dee

    I think his expereince plays off nicely against her inexperience, since that’s exactly the relationship of the characters they’re playing. What could be better? A top tier actress dumbing down? That might look terribly fake.

  • JesusSavesatTarget

    And yet again, you are incapable of responding with nothing but pathetic name calling. Are you so stunningly stupid to claim that all opinions are equally valid (you sound either REALLY young or hopelessly uneducated).
    Since you seem to be absolutely clueless about how to formulate and express an adult, valid argument; here’s a tip: Give evidence to support your position. If she is a good actress (rofl) then cite something, ANYTHING that says Spader and everyone else here is wrong. But we both know you have nothing, in advance.

  • Marvin Shelley

    Nit pickers! Blacklist is one of my favorite shows and Spader is brilliant in all of his roles. Megan does a decent job. I have not noticed any flaws, but I don’t look for flaws in actors. Great writers -great show. Curious if the Megan haters are also Danica Patrick haters as well. The comments are alarmingly similar.

  • Christina Lapre Leduc

    I have loved the blacklist list since the beginning and I find nothing wrong with the acting. Obviously the millions of people who watch the show agree or it wouldn’t be renewed for another season. There is so much hate in this world why would you want to be a part of it by slamming an actress. I think people need to to follow if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. Yes comments don’t meet the hatred of isis Beheading people, but you have no idea if she read these comments what it could do to her. So stop the bulling!! If you don’t like her acting (which is totally fine) then don’t watch the show and keep your comments to yourself!

  • Mikyla Williams

    Megan Boone’s acting I awesome stupid. Her face doesn’t look like its immobilized by botox and fillers. And they shouldn’t kill off her character. You are just a big hater.

  • Mikyla Williams

    I completely agree with you.

  • Notsokeen

    Megan Boone sucks the preverbal “D”. I watched 4 episodes hoping she would die but I realized that wasn’t going to happen so I just do some editing and cut out her scenes on my own.. It’s choppy but still better then watching her ruin this show.

  • NotsoKeen

    Who watches tv with that mentality..” She’ll get better give her 3 more seasons to prove herself” worst female lead I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching.

  • I just started watching Blacklist on Netflix. I’m not impressed by either the abundance of unbelievably stupid choices the characters make (just one example: identifying yourself as an FBI agent, using your *real name*, and then saying that it was a test? for pete’s sake, writers!) or the acting abilities of the main characters. Spader’s character’s mannerisms are the same as I remember of his character from Boston Legal… that’s not a sign of good acting, it’s more a symptom and predictor of typecasting. It doesn’t help that his character is unrealistically well-informed and somehow always provides just the right simplistic observations that Elizabeth, an FBI trained profiler, seems incapable of coming up with herself. As everyone has pointed out, Megan Boone is also a pretty one-dimensional actor. But it kills time. I’m still on season 1, so I hope they give the supporting characters: Ressler and Meera, bigger roles, and flesh out Tom’s story.

  • airmanchairman

    I personally am enjoying the series, and IMHO every episode of the current season has been sensational so far.

    Megan Boone’s being a relative “novice” as this condescending article likes to repeat endlessly, in fact plays perfectly into the hands of the story line. Don’t forget that Elizabeth Keen is a novice FBI agent who is only drafted into a high-secret government unit at the express request of arch-criminal mastermind Ray Reddington as a condition of his cooperation with the authorities.

    The Reddington character is a high-powered ultra-sarcastic sociopath, so I can imagine the difficulty Spader faces in dealing with the logistics of carrying the role and mentoring the lesser mortals around him during takes. Come to think about it, it’s amazing how art and life are curiously imitating one another in the making of this epic series.

    O to be a fly on the set walls!

  • airmanchairman

    Or a Spader a Spader….

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that dreadful pun :-)

  • Bill

    I think their connection is that redd what’s keen for a piece of information called the fulcrum that would be used to shift the power of the world away from a secret organization called the cabal which frame keen for infecting a us senator

  • Joyce

    Megan Boone plays an odd character, however I have meant several odd people in my life and the roll she plays works. It makes it more realistic. People are different and done do not show a lot of emotion. I think of her as an awkward person. The show won’t be the same without her and certainly not a good.

  • Kat. Wilson

    I love the show. If Megan leaves permanently, I’ll stop watching. I think she is Ray’s daughter.?

  • There’s no show without Megan. Why the writers want to ruin the show is beyond me. The show wno’t be the same without Megan.

  • Stephen Patton

    Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the acting ability of Megan; or Spader’s critical opinion. The show is very popular and a tremendous success. So please STFU.