Blake Shelton Sends Inappropriate Drunk Tweet To Adam Levine Before ‘The Voice’ Taping – His Drinking’s Out Of Control!

Blake Shelton Sends Inappropriate Drunk Tweet To Adam Levine Before 'The Voice' Taping - His Drinking's Out Of Control!

News of Blake Shelton‘s drinking is spreading through Hollywood like wildfire — and he himself isn’t doing anything to help matters. For a little while at least, I thought Blake Shelton’s constant allusions to his drinking habits were all for show (as some comedic celebrities tend to up-play their “bad habits” for giggles), but it seems as if that’s not the case. No entirely anyway. We’ve commented numerous times on Miranda Lambert being fed up with her husband’s drinking — and it could just cause the destruction of their picture-perfect-country-music marriage. 

Prior to a taping for The Voice, Blake Shelton tweeted a message to Adam Levine that some might view a tad inappropriate.  He began with, “Hellooooo Hollywood!!!! I’m here and I have been drinking!!!! B*tch” and then added, “Oh and I almost forgot.. @adamlevine is a complete vag.”

Um, okay? I guess this is the sort of thing America’s forced to listen to when Blake Shelton starts drinking and then decides to comment on his bromance with Adam Levine.

What do you make of Blake Shelton’s drinking and the inappropriate (potentially offensive) comments he makes while intoxicated? Do you think it’s getting slightly out of control and out of hand? Or do you think he’s merely using it as a comedic tool? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Nicoleemariiee

    Blake Shelton has never tried to hide his drinking. He enjoys drinking and that’s who he is. If you don’t like it than don’t look at his tweets or watch the voice. He is true to himself and that’s how it should be. He is a great artist and person. People should not be offended. It’s his personality..

  • Louise Joles

    He’s an idiot. Idiot + Liquor= Disaster

  • Ticked off in Texas

    I was shocked that Blake Shelton showed Adam Levine such disrespect by giving out his phone number to the public. This was an act of a bully. He called Adam a moron and continued to disrespect him. I cant believe the producers of the Voice allows this to go on. Blake Shelton is an ignorant drunk. I have lost all respect for him and he the show. A lot of my friends feel the same way and we refuse to watch the show anymore. We hear a lot about bullies in school and what people are doing about it. I don’t have to watch a bully on a tv show.