Chrisley Knows Best’s Grandma Chrisley Losing House Because Of Todd Chrisley’s Bankruptcy Proceedings

Chrisley Knows Best's Grandma Chrisley Losing House Because Of Todd Chrisley's Bankruptcy Proceedings

Grandma Faye has become a fan favorite for the viewers of Chrisley Knows Best, but it looks like she’s going to be suffering for her participation on the show. According to reports, her home has entered foreclosure because of her son’s ‘messy bankruptcy proceedings.

Todd Chrisley reportedly defaulted on a bank loan, which led to all these charges and proceedings against him. Then, the bank received permission to commence foreclosure against Grandma Faye’s house and ‘obtain possession of the property’. Basically, Todd doesn’t care if his Grandma is left without a house, so long as he doesn’t end up going to jail or having to pay fines.

Poor Grandma Faye. Here we thought that her biggest problem was trying to find a new boyfriend at the age of 69, but it looks like a new house is going to have to come first.

Really though, should we expect Todd to help his mother? She does bring in a sizeable viewership to the show, and is also one of the show’s only positive factors. She’s not a cheater, an idiot, a drug addict or a woman-beater. That in itself makes her better than 80% of the Chrisley family, and if she ends up being forced out of her house because of Todd’s carelessness and idiocy, I can’t imagine she’ll be all that happy about returning to the show. Then again, some people will do anything for a little extra fame and money – and if she’s out of a house, she’ll need the money more than ever.

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