Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are Definitely Friends With Benefits – Are They Secretly A Couple?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are Definitely Friends With Benefits - Are They Secretly A Couple?

Is it just us or are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder way, way too close to be just friends? Yes, I know, we might be reading too much into it. But we were right when we speculated that they were breaking up last year, and I have a feeling that Nina and Ian are hiding their feelings this time around to prevent press intrusion into their private life.

Both Ian and Nina were present at the 2014 Paley Fest for The Vampire Diaries last weekend in Hollywood, alongside co-star Paul Wesley. During the following conversation with the fans, Ian and Nina revealed that their on-screen romance was close to being rekindled, with Ian adding, “They have to put on their big-boy pants and big-girl pants.” Nina then joked, “The problem is they keep taking their pants off and that keeps getting in the way of things.”

During the conversation, they were both seated next to each other, but there was minimal awkwardness and lots of high-fives and hand-touching. Again, we may very well be reading too much into it, but aren’t they seriously the most friendly exes you’ve ever seen in Hollywood?

I get that they have to see each other every day on set, AND they have to pretend to be lovers on-screen. But I just don’t buy that they’re able to summon up that much passion for each other as their characters and feel nothing in real life. There’s a reason that exes don’t often see each other after breaking up, and Ian and Nina are breaking that rule on a daily basis. Even if nothing’s happening now, I wouldn’t count on them staying apart in the future. Plus, they wouldn’t be the first couple to have gotten back together after breaking up [ahem, Robsten], and they wouldn’t be the last.

  • CC

    But Ian is friendly with ALL his exes and is touchy feely with everyone. He doesn’t have a mean bone, doubt he holds bitterness or grudges. What’s the big deal? I even spotted him kissing Daniel Gillies (Elijah) that night too.
    Ian was also not too interested in spending time with Nina afterwards and raced off to see his buddy Bryn. No weekend in the last 10 months have they been interested in spending time together.
    Really, if what you’ve been saying for the past year was correct, that would make Ian one desperate, pining, foolish sad case. Sounds a bit like Damon…hmmm
    I can also imagine all this constant nonsense coming from his fans and the media, would make it difficult for him to freely move on. It’s never ending.

  • LOL

    Actually, still trying to figure out what this chick has that would keep a man drooling after her for a year, and someone that is on such a different path. Other than perky boobs and a pretty face, which is looking hard lately….what else is inspiring about her?

    • Guest

      Wow, no place without Nina malice and jealousy goes here. i was waiting for the nasty, bitter part. And it not hilarious even anymore, it pathetic.

  • gini

    she’s a 25 spoilt brat who acts like a 16 year old.

    • Guest

      What did she do to you? She is honest and she acts like a normal person. Going to parties, meeting friends, having normal life and being cool does not mean she is crazy. You need to get a life, go out more. You will see, life is better when you are not bitter!!!

  • Naom

    Lol her boobs are always on display! and that dress! what did she do steal from minnie mouse?!!

    • Guest

      Well, why not show some cleavage, since she is gorgeous. And tbh, she shows much less then all her other colleagues in the business. No need to bi mean. it only makes you sad looking and desperate.

  • Genesis

    She is so funny GO NINA!!!! She’s pretty and funny. She’s my new role model.

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