Nina Dobrev Leaked Ian Somerhalder Break Up To Media – She Couldn’t Handle The Fake Showmance

Nina Dobrev Leaked Ian Somerhalder Break Up To Media – She Hated Fake Showmance

What is that whole thing about a woman scorned? I guess Nina Dobrev has heard it and after months of keeping her mouth shut she decided that she couldn’t keep the truth to herself any more. She and Ian Somerhalder split up a few months ago, as we had explained on Celeb Dirty Laundry, and Nina has been going through the typical motions of a woman that invested in the wrong guy. She has stayed silent, then hinted through her tweets that all was not well in her love life and then partied with her girls friends an awful lot.

When Nina and Ian did a charity trip together in early April things were pretty ugly and it was clear then that after Nina went home, she really pulled herself together and got herself OVER it. After a few pining tweets Nina realized she and Ian were finished and decided to get on with her life. Part of that meant spilling the beans and from everything we’ve seen it looks like Nina facilitated the leak about their break up to the press.

Have you noticed that all of her friends are the sources cited by the media? That’s not a coincidence. Nina could never move on until people knew the truth, in spite of Ian and CW’s efforts to keep it all quiet. Any turmoil between them in real life could affect the fans perception so they wanted them to just kind of play along.  Anyone reminded of Summit and the Twilight franchise? She and Ian are hot and bankable in The Vampire Diaries and now that they are dunzo just watch how the fans leaves the show in droves.

Ironically Nina gets the last laugh here too. Her friends have said she ended things because she wasn’t ready to get serious and we know that’s not exactly true. She was ready and invested in a life with Ian, until he cheated and unraveled them earlier this year. I love how Nina steps out of this with all the control and looking like the bigger person, plus she’s now free to date and enjoy her life again.

Do you think Nina wanted the press to know about the split? Was she the leak? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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14 responses to “Nina Dobrev Leaked Ian Somerhalder Break Up To Media – She Couldn’t Handle The Fake Showmance”

  1. Sapphire Burgess says:

    I love u Nina your amazing and I sorry that Ian cheated on you, in vampire diaries do you find Stefen?

  2. Guest says:

    Ian didn’t cheat on Nina.

  3. Robyn says:

    As bad as it sounds, Idc if they’re together in real life or not. That’s not going to stop me from watching The Vampire Diaries. Their real life relationship isn’t the reason why I watch it in the first place but best luck to them in that portion of their lives.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how you make things up so professionally. You dont know them. You dont know that Ian cheated on Nina, which he didn’t. He loves her way too much to hurt her. Get your facts straight. God this site is full of lies.

    • Panoc Tripp says:

      Ohh…. he doesn’t know them…. I guess you talk to them every day… right? … And I guess you have asked Ian whether he loves her as much as you say? RIGHT?!… And finally all you Nian fans… ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY BROKE UP… Wake Up!!!

      • Anon says:

        Thanks, even though I am a female. Ian has said a lot of negative things to Nina, and spread cheating rumors , which is ridiculous considering he is the one who cheats.

        Even if Ian did say he loves her so much by this person, then that doesn’t necessarily make it true. Ian is a liar, and has a fake image.

        Exactly! I have no clue why they are so blind and in denial over their break up.

    • Anon says:

      I am not making anything up, but thanks for the assumptions. How do you know whether I know them or not? You don’t even know who I am, let alone Ian and Nina. How do you know if he even loves her? Ian only truly loves himself. You’re the one full of lies defending Ian.

  5. Seriously says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK. And please, you already post enough bullsh!t. Don’t add to it. Or you’re gonna regret it. I do not want to know if they’re broken up or not, it is NONE of my business, certainly not YOUR business. But going as fair as saying he cheated? Just save it, lame a$$ website.

  6. Maria says:

    omg. seriously? Cate what have you got against Ian? Your obsession with him and with writing bs about him is bordeline mental.

  7. Georgia_Peach says:

    OMG! I call bullsh!t …. This has got to be the most ridiculous article so far regarding Ian and Nina’s “rumored” break up. You guys should be sued!

  8. ihatepeople says:

    What a truly tasteless article. And a few of the comments here are just ridiculous. Leave them alone already.

  9. lucy says:

    omg, what a bullshit.
    i really don’t think a cheater would sit alone in a coffee shop alone looking heartbroken while his ex parties like there is no tomorrow.