Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Over Twitter – Leading Separate Lives


Another weekend has passed and it’s still pretty clear that the 18 month romance of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev has hit the skids. The couple started off on the down low and waited until they were dating for a year before admitting that love was in the air to the public.  Over the last six months we basically knew where they were at all times and we also knew that they were together. Aside from working on The Vampire Diaries they visited each others’ families, did celeb appearances together and even criss crossed the globe and in hand. Now, nothing.

The last we heard from them together was when they were headed to Elton John’s Oscar Party. After that it looked like different work commitments might be keeping the lovebirds apart. We know that Nina visited family while Ian attended SXSW but they don’t seem to have reconnected yet. Instead, last week there were rumblings that Ian may have been cast in the hottest upcoming flick in existence – Fifty Shades of Grey. While Nina seemed to support her man vying for the part it may have been a whole different story once he snagged it. No one wants to know that their guy is going to work on a BDSM film for months at a time and that may very well be what has divided this couple.


The truth seems to be in the Tweets. While Ian and Nina’s updates once overlapped and mirrored each other they are now living distinctly separate lives.  Yesterday Ian posted,

Hanging w/ @bsome and Built of Barnwood for our 1 year Anniversary in Bay St. Louis, MS”

Instead of echoing Ian’s sentiment, Nina had her own spin on the day as she later tweeted,

“It’s YOUR Sunday, you don’t have to spend time with anyone, who do you CHOOSE to spend your time with?”

Those are pretty strong words from Nina, or else they are aimed at someone in particular. Perhaps she feels that Ian has chosen to be everywhere but with her?  Will this couple patch things up or do you think it’s really over for them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

10 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Break Up Over Twitter – Leading Separate Lives”

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  2. sonia says:

    nemporte quoi ca veux rien dire

  3. Georgia_Peach says:

    I have no idea at all how one could possibly come to the conclusion of a break up by the use of a twitter account. Ian and Nina are just fine. I could understand all these rumors of a break up if Ian or Nina were out partying with other people, but the are not doing that at all. The only other people Ian is seen with are his ISF employees, who have families of their own. Ian and Nina live a quiet personal life. Stop trying to create problems where there are not any and stop spreading rumors that are obviously false.

  4. bcn1975 says:

    I think that they have been leading separate lives for quite some time.Just appear together when other people from the show do (Oscars). I honestly think that they are not a couple and never been really a serious couple and if they are happy right now let it be, they sure are friends. And when the time is right for them they will let us know that they are not together, so in the meantime stop asking them, friends or familiy on twitter because they will never tell the truth.

  5. you people like to break up everybody woaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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