Nina Dobrev Caught Ian Somerhalder Cheating!! – Demands Apology On Twitter (PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev Caught Ian Somerhalder Cheating!! - Demands Apology On Twitter (PHOTOS)

It looks like Nina Dobrev has Caught Ian Somerhalder cheating! It’s always interesting to me how fans of a couple will choose to put on the biggest blinders imaginable in order to still give their magic duo a sort of fairytale life together. Why is that? Is it because we need to believe that somewhere in Hollywood there exists a normal, generally happy couple that just so happens to have fame and a huge bank account as well?  Take Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. They hit it off on the set of The Vampire Diaries and have spent 18 months creating a life together as fans looked on. Lots of personal appearances, vacations and tweets have connected the two – until recently.

In the last month or so Ian and Nina have been spotted together only once and to say that tensions were running high would be an understatement, judging from the photos below. Nina has done a good job of acting like the girl left in the dust. As Ian continues living his life and rambling about his precious cause of the day, Nina has gotten more personal and really has clued people in to what’s brewing. Her most recent tweet says it all, “Quote of the day: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Ask for forgiveness.  I have noticed that Nina never posts random, meaningless things and that her quotes are always quite clearly intended for someone. She also knows that we are all watching her tweets so she would never put this out there if she didn’t want us to know what’s brewing. Nina is slowly but surely telling fans what’s up, they just have to decide to listen.

It’s pretty classic really. Women often hang on and hope that a relationship is salvageable and once they start to realize it’s not, then they stop caring who knows the details. My guess is that Ian decided an exclusive relationship wasn’t his cup of tea any more – perhaps after a random hook up with another woman and Nina is still waiting for an apology.

Do you believe that this modern fairytale hasn’t exactly panned out and that Nina and Ian as a couple have run their course? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Ian and Nina Not Getting Along Well At All!


9 responses to “Nina Dobrev Caught Ian Somerhalder Cheating!! – Demands Apology On Twitter (PHOTOS)”

  1. isha says:

    what’s with you guys? whatever they say or do is their problem&fans will have to take it with a pinch of salt like every other couple..these two people are beautiful,they care for each other..nina is quite young,so possibly less mature than Ian,but they respect each other..Ian loves her a lot it’s obvious,so even if their fairytale(they are not real anyway)love story ends,they stll were lucky to have had something so very beautiful…nothing lasts forever just let them be,for Ian bigger issues are important,his world is not so small and pointless,he is so full of life and he gives back to the world every possible way….you guys please do the same&speculate on something that is meaningful and serves a purpose..let them decide to stay or break up…please will you?

  2. Maria says:

    you get paid for writing this kind of shit? 99% of the people here are telling you to stop at their comments- when you will get the hint? for Gods shake…

  3. Maria says:

    and of course you show only 3 photos…where are the rest of them? oooh i know…you show only the ones that fit the things you say. Learn to do your job right for a change or think a new career direction (i am non a Nian shipper but what you write is purely disgusting – Remember karma is a bitch)

  4. Maria says: comment is awaiting moderation – HOW ORIGINAL

  5. Malinda Lee says:

    You do realize that you’re twisting Nina’s quote to exactly the opposite of it’s intended meaning, right? When someone says “ask for forgiveness; not permission,” it means you should do what you want instead of worrying about whether you’re allowed to do it – it’s always easier to apologize later than risk being told no. Kind of a bizarre thing for her to say if Ian had actually cheated. Your interpretation isn’t even plausible. I’m not huge “shipper” of this couple; they’re cute, the end. I could care less whether they break up or not. But this isn’t even trashy journalism – it’s just silly.

  6. kellz says:

    Lol its assumed that ian was caught cheating just because of a tweet and how many times they were seen together recently? LOL

  7. You know this might not even be true. Its Hollywood, they never tell the truth. It creates a commotion, its what they want so you stay tuned to what is going on with the two. its Publicity. Its probably just this: Rumors. Nothing real. The pic is probably a snapshot from a new episode of Vampire Diaries.

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  9. izi says:

    They are not in relationship ??