Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder But He’s Still Cold and Angry (Photos)

Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder But He’s Still Cold and Angry (Photos)

It looks and sounds like fans of The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev better still keep crossing their fingers that these two work out their differences because they clearly aren’t there yet.  The couple of 18 months was spotted together this past weekend for the first time since Oscar night and it at first glance seemed to be confirmation that whatever issues had kept them apart had been worked out.

Ian and Nina flew to Toronto to spend part of Saturday with Kayla, a young girl in need of a lung transplant. These two often do charity work and genuinely seem to like helping others so this kind visit made a lot of sense. Of course we saw photos of them walking through Pearson International Airport looking pretty cozy, but there are several other pics of the two clearly at odds. In those Ian looks pissed off and Nina is chain smoking while looking upset. That’s the real deal folks, there are issues to work out.

Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder But He’s Still Cold and Angry (Photos)

Adding to the speculation that all is not well between them is this tweet posted by Nina last night,

Quote of the day… “You’ve built your wall so high, that no one can climb it. But I’m going to try” – Labrinth feat Emelie Sande

Obviously this is referencing Ian and it makes sense coming from the perspective of a young woman who has cooled her heels for a month and chilled with family and friends while the guy she still loves seemed quite happy to live his life without her.


Will they work through their stuff and will Nina be able climb that huge wall that Ian is building to keep her at bay?  Is it a lost cause? Is she trying to accomplish the impossible because he’s just over the relationship? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder But He’s Still Cold and Angry (Photos)

  • tota

    really ???!!!! …….u just have to stop peaple

  • guest

    Big Deal!! so she smokes, so that makes her less of a human being?!?! Get a grip…did you ever think, that maybe Ian is just pissed at the paps taking their pic ? lol

  • bcn1975

    It´s so obvious that these two are a Robsten 2. Together for the sake of the show and not to cause a drama and bad publicity. You have to see them to notice that there is not love between them, and not because of these pics. It´s a pity that they have to keep with this, fans will be sad but lives goes on.

  • su

    oh come on!!!!

  • Georgia_Peach

    The only thing I see Ian cold and angry about is the paparazzi taking the picture and intruding on his Easter vacation with his girlfriend, Nina. Ian is certainly not angry or cold towards Nina, otherwise he would not have been spending Easter with her and her family. The pictures with Nina and her family shows Ian to be very happy. Ian and Nina are just fine.

  • Wow. I’m impressed. Those conclusion came out from a single picture. You guys really are nothing but trashy site. Good thing you still run until now, since all you said was nothing but a single damn lies. I wonder have this site EVER post a real goddamn story? Meh, doubt it

  • They had NO issues in the first place. You’re making up LIES to get hits, that’s all. They were apart for a little more than a week, ONLY because he was working. That’s ALL. After that, they got back to work, and back to the home that they share together and were seen out to eat and very in love. But you don’t bother reporting any of THAT, do you? No, because it’s not as fun as spreading lies about people. You’re horrible.

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