Nina Dobrev Still Loves Ian Somerhalder and Wants Him Back as Her Boyfriend

Nina Dobrev Still Loves Ian Somerhalder and Wants Him Back as Her Boyfriend

As we stated recently, Ian Somerhalder is desperate to win Nina Dobrev back, even though he’s been keeping his personal life out of the press recently. Since Ian and Nina broke up last year, Ian’s not been seen with a single woman, despite the fact that Nina’s already had a rebound and several rumored hookups. While sources say that it’s because Ian is looking to win Nina back, the main question lies in whether a reunion is actually in the cards for the former couple.

They still play lovers on-screen, and as awkward as that it, it probably doesn’t lend itself to the cleanest breakup. Keep in mind, they have to see each other on a regular basis, and they have to make out on a regular basis. If one or both of them still have feelings for each other, their on-screen romance is obviously not going to make things any better.

Of course, now that the cat’s out of the bag, is Nina willing to take Ian back? We don’t really know the reasons for their breakup, but last we heard, Nina was hooking up with Liam Hemsworth. But if that situation is temporary, then we’ll have to see if Nina ends up going back to Ian – especially if he’s really working hard to win her back. How long will she be able to resist, especially if they’re working together and he’s trying his best to prove his loyalty to her?

Or perhaps she’s still hesitant to get back together with him based on other reasons. They only have another year of their contracts on the show, and then it’s very possible that they’ll both end up leaving to pursue other opportunities. By then, if they’re not back together, it’s likely that it won’t happen in the future.

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  1. isha says:

    Is this the same article? there is NO IAN and NINA…get it ?? Ian might not be remembering that Nina is his costar on the show either,and Nina is too busy with her young life discovery of finding herself.So STOP nauseating us now..or we puke now!! pathetic article

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