Ian Somerhalder In Love With Nina Dobrev – Wants Her as His Girlfriend Again

Ian Somerhalder In Love With Nina Dobrev - Wants Her as His Girlfriend Again

Despite the fact that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev seem happy, fans are still desperate for the former couple to get back together, especially since they still play lovers on the Vampire Diaries. However, a new source tells us that Ian may feel the same way, and has been biding his time until he can win Nina back.

It would make sense, especially since Ian hasn’t dated a single a person since breaking up with Nina last year. Nina, on the other hand, has already dated Derek Hough and been linked to Liam Hemsworth. But if the rumors are true, then Ian is making sure that Nina knows that he’s still interested in getting back together, and he’ll wait as long as necessary.

The real question is – will Nina reciprocate his interest? Their age different is pretty big, and while it may not have been a factor when they were dating, they’re probably starting to think about it in terms of their career. Nina’s still very young and has her whole career ahead of her, whereas Ian’s starting to focus less on acting and more on philanthropy and charity. While that wouldn’t necessarily make a difference in the relationship aspect of things, it might be an issue after the show wraps. With both of them going their separate ways, how often would they see each other?

Right now, Ian is pining for Nina because she won’t take him back and he sees her almost every day on set – and they have to make out and act out romantic scenes on the show. He’s willing to do anything and everything to get her back – right now. But will that last when they’re no longer constantly in each other’s lives?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ian Somerhalder In Love With Nina Dobrev - Wants Her as His Girlfriend Again

  • Seriously

    “Ian hasn’t dated a single person”….yeah right lololol. Tell that to the blonde chick he had a Mexican love nest with for a week before PCA. Maybe the RYOT employee that was obviously eager to get into his pants and vice versa last weekend or maybe the brunette he was photographed with arm in arm in the corner the weekend before that. Damon is the one forever waiting and pining, please don’t get them confused.

  • summer

    Ian is not pinning for Nina he is happy, he doesn’t need Nina

  • alexander roughk

    ian use to be the kind of person who waits until the others accept the own mistakes ,its a shame that he cant keep rolling qnd dating with another one girl

  • summer

    that is really weird that I just put what I thought about this article and dirty laundry did no share what I thought.

  • silver

    Ian and nina may true want deferent things out of live. Nina at 25 yrs she have a few years before she think about babies and marriage. Even if she may be still love ian. For ian is a romantic , he could be reliving their past by damon .it sad

  • Clara Tezolin

    Article idiot!

  • isha

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..You IDIOTs..In other words,Nina can fuck anyone anytime and can come back to Ian anytime as Ian will put a lock on his pants waiting for her to come back to him because she is still a baby who needs to fuck the world all over to grow up? shit is that..Lots of 25year oldsdate,love&marry 35 year olds..Bullshit is that there is NOTHING between these two cheese and chalk people. Ian can get into lots of girls and boy’s pants whenever he wishes and no Nina is just not the owner of a golden vagina..she is not JLaw either..So cut your shit about Ian pining for this little brunette who is jumping on any guy and gal’s available shoulder..Sorry and thank you..Leave Ian alone..or leave Ian out of Nina baby’s articles

  • Ian Fan

    Nina and her PR team must be really desperate. Enough is enough. How much did she pay you this Time? Aren’t you tired of it already? Leave Ian the hell out of this crap, the man is happy and super successful. Nian is dead and you and Nina’s whole PR team…you guys are pathetic! K? Bye

  • Jenny

    Hey! You deleted my comment?
    I just simply asked: “How much money Nina Dobrev pays you?”
    You deleted my comment asking you how much does she pay you to write this lie (cause we know that Ian is happy without her) but you deleted…so…I was write?

    • Ian fan #1

      OMG! I never thought Nina would be that desperate…

  • Jenny

    I asked how much money Nina pays for these articles and my comment was deleted.
    Oh well

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  • ME!

    YOU KNOW HIM!!!!!! Lucky.

  • Emily

    Why is everyone hating on nina? In my opinion ian can’t do better than her bc #1 she’s basically perfect and #2 they make the cutest couple ever

  • Jane B

    Don’t blame Nina or Ian for this poorly written article. This site will write whatever they think will get you to click on the link. Search long hard enough and see this site goes back-and-forth. Both Nina and ian have publicly stated they are no longer together. No one is hiding no one is trying to get publicity. Both of them are just moving on with their lives without each other perfectly happy. How about we move off this subject altogether. Nian is over. Period end of story. This site however loves that you all clicked on that link read the story and commented on it because it means they can generate more advertising dollars.

  • Guest

    I was just so curious as to how many bitter, jealous people would come here with the always handy Nina hate….well, i guessed……more then needed. Get a life people, stop hating!!! it is not good for your health!

  • Guest

    I think they will not stay together very long and as for Ian dating that is a laugh he has seen other women. If it’s true that Ian is slowing down in acting and Nina isn’t then Ian should give up on Nina and let her have her fun and enjoy her young life.

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  • Ian’s fan #1

    You know Ian?????????????????????????