Derek Hough Broke Up With Nina Dobrev Because Ian Somerhalder is Still a Friend With Benefits

Derek Hough Broke Up With Nina Dobrev Because Ian Somerhalder is Still a Friend With Benefits

Remember last spring when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder first ended their three year romance and she opted to heal her broken heart by cavorting with equally broken Julianne Hough? It was probably only a matter of time before Jules decided to try and pair her new BFF up with her brother, Derek Hough. At first the new couple seemed to click pretty well and after 6 weeks on the DL Nina and Derek were finally spotted grabbing dinner together in public. In other words, it looked like things were progressing enough to be seen together and then all of a sudden, bam it was over. Just like that.

So what happened? Well according to the Nov. 4th print edition of Star Magazine Ian Somerhalder is what happened. Not only are he and Nina still connected at the hip but she even double checked with Ian before going to dinner with Derek! Obviously her The Vampire Diaries costar still has a strangle hold on Nina and once Derek really realized just how hooked on her ex she still is, he pulled the plug.

I get that once a couple splits there usually is an angry phase that’s only natural and once they get through that then maybe they can kind of be friends. This just sounds like Nina is still waiting for Ian to come back to her full time, doesn’t it? Do you think that he will? I mean he is clearly playing the game and keeping her on the hook so is it to reconcile or is poor Nina just a back up plan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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44 responses to “Derek Hough Broke Up With Nina Dobrev Because Ian Somerhalder is Still a Friend With Benefits”

  1. Clara Tezolin says:

    went mad, Ian never, returned with her!

  2. ihatepeople says:

    What a load of garbage. Stop. Just stop making stuff up. Stop pushing these two together and STOP making Nina sound like some poor victim while Ian is this guy leading her on. The man has been professional, mature and quiet through every stupid media claim. Leave him alone to live his life in peace and privacy. And stop using him to promote her or smooth things over when she screws up her own image.

  3. Crow says:

    I do not think that you would have written such hateful things on Nina if you were half as talented and beautiful as her. this makes me feel sorry for you.

  4. isha says:

    I think you are morons..well you asked what i think…Do Not Speculate..Get your facts right before you speak..Stop insulting people’s intelligence..Not everyone in this world is as dumb as you think they are..

  5. Mimi says:

    For all you that supposedly see Ian with her all the time holding hands and kissing, where are the pictures??? You all know you have a camera on your phone and you all know you could make money off “so-said sightings” of these 2 walking around ATL displaying any form of PDA!

    • CS says:

      Nina and Ian hve been together for 3 years and never in those 3 years did we got pictures of them in atlanta, the pics were always somewhere else. Atlanta is discreet and i like it that way. They need their privacy. If Nina and Ian are back together they are not going to flaunt it around. Stop hating on people who have a different opiniom as you.

  6. Mimi says:

    So how do u explain the VIDEOS of her holding hands with Derek???

  7. Mimi says:

    If you truly ever worked for TVD, you would know then that the actress who portrays Lexi confirmed that they ARE NOT together! Nice try!

  8. jasmine.jonthen says:

    nina not a back up plan for ian nina love ian ian love her to

  9. Isabella says:

    Hey! Do you live in ATL? Can you give me more details about this sighting?

  10. Isabella says:

    Hey! Can you give me more details about this sighting? Maybe by email?

  11. Isabella says:

    Hey! Do you live in ATL? Can you give me more details about this ? Maybe by Email?

  12. LALA says:

    Same people commenting: they were spotted together. LOL. You never spotted her with Derek, eh? He visited her in atlanta and lived with her for 5 days but they were never spotted together. all coming from a trash twitter who wanted attention. get a life. they aren’t back together. Ian, get a GF quick. the crazies are increasing. oh, wait they are just 5 but like cancer- EVERYWHERE.

  13. vickey says:

    Stop the hate on Nina! You don’t know her, you don’t know him, YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR LIFE, Jesus! So stop saying bad things about her because she is an amazing actress, and they’re professional. I am a Nian shipper, but let them have a life, let them have privacy. And stop saying things like you know them because you don’t. You know what media say about them, you know them by photos, maybe from conventions, but that’s it, you don’t know them in personal. Nina isn’t that bad because she’s a 24 years old woman trying to find what she likes, she is not wrong, wrong are you guys saying things you don’t know as you were her best friend. You are just a hater, you are just a fan. Stop.

  14. Ella says:

    I want Ian and Nina to be back together. They are perfect for each other. <3

  15. Bia says:

    hey guys, if you all see nina and ian together as you are saying, TAKE PICTURES. bc is the only way that everyone will believe. stop with spoilers, and start with pictures! come on

  16. Clara Tezolin says:

    Derek’s dating Nina yes!

  17. Clara Tezolin says:

    where do I sign, you said it all!

  18. Guest says:

    i dont want Ian to take her back !! after all what she did !! oh please stay away from Ian !!!! no more nian CW !

  19. Clara Tezolin says:

    Ian can have up to 100 more women, who said that he needs Nina?

  20. Clara Tezolin says:

    as there are people naive who think that Ian returned with Nina, he’s great without it and he knows it!

  21. Kim says:

    Nina hasn’t been in LA for over 3 weeks

  22. allie says:

    She needs to stop playing these men

  23. Pamela says:

    Don’t get their love triangle..

  24. Alexa says:

    Hello! My sister lives in Atlanta and goes to the same yoga studio as Ms. Dobrev. She said that she saw Ian Somerhalder come and pick her up like 2 times in the past weeks. She thought that they were a couple. Are they not together? I do not watch the TV series but i think she is very nice.

  25. sagers says:

    frankly I don’t give a toss about Dobrev and Somerhalder, I was here for news about Derek, but I’m mad laughing at your comment about you and your wife

  26. Cynthia says:

    Yes Kim probably info from that person called herself Peach. She knows nothing and hates Nina with a passion. Not a nice person at all. So jealous of Nina because she is beautiful and Ian loves her.

  27. ihatepeople says:

    First off don’t assume you know me based on my username. And second there have been far too many articles painting Ian as some controlling guy a Nina as some victim. Funny because Ian is the one who has been quiet and respectful while Nina has been all look at me in our faces with her crew. And I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? Hardly. She cried at d her own mess. No one told her to post pictures hanging all over guys. No one told her to diarrhea tweet about DWTS while ignoring her own show. No one told her to behave like the Houghs party all the time and posting tasteless videos. She uses Ian’s popularity whenever she gets in trouble and needs to fix her image. Open your eyes and look at when these articles come out. It’s always when she is trying to gain favor like to get a PCA. I don’t appreciate it that it is at the expense of trying to make Ian look bad and her like a victim. Sorry. You can be that gullible but I’m not. I’ll stick with the guy who has conducted himself like an adult any day over an attention seeker who thinks everyone should feel sorry for her when she screws up her own reputation.

  28. ihatepeople says:

    Wow it’s really incredible how suddenly there are all these sightings. Surely someone would have snapped a picture. Yet not one has surfaced. Convenient. I’ll believe it when Ian comes out with it himself. For now, stop making these rumors up. These aren’t Barbie dolls whose lives you can control. These are real people.

  29. ihatepeople says:

    You can say whatever you like about me. It’s not going to change my opinion. I’m not going to be bullied especially by some stranger because I’m not drinking the Nian Cool Aid or because I’m not buying Nina’s halo/victim image. And it’s very immature to bash someone like Peach, who you also don’t really know, simply because you’re trying to discredit her for saying something you don’t want to hear. It actually makes me laugh at how easily you’re willing to believe anything you hear with zero proof, so long as it fits into what you want to be true, and denounce anyone and anything that stands in your way. Ian has shown nothing but class and respect. Just stop with the false rumors. You’re not just hurting him, but you’re hurting your idol Nina as well. You push these two together with false rumors and when they actually are seen dating someone else it will make it seem like they’re cheaters. Oh and just for the record, I’m sorry but not every guy that Nina is seen cozing up to, who is not Ian, is gay.

  30. […] It’s been several months since Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up, and although she was dating Derek Hough for a hot second, it seems like she’s still not completely over her former boyfriend of three years. After all, she couldn’t make the relationship with Derek last, despite the fact that he was head over heels in love with her. It’s still not clear why Nina and Ian ended things after staying together for so long, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still friends with benefits! […]

  31. Sebastian Mihai says:

    SHOW ME THE TWEET. because i didn’t saw no one saying this.

  32. Alexa says:

    Gee, so much hate and jealousy in 2 sentences. i hope you get something going on in your life. This is so pathetic.

  33. Alexa says:

    Hm, Interesting, i am sure the media would have know it before you if it were true. But at least you are giving a good laugh.

  34. Alexa says:

    I like hem both. i do hope they are happy and people’s hate here never gets to them. it is such a relieve to see nice positive people around. it is so rare:)

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  36. Cynthia says:

    I agree with you and I will be praying for Ian and Nina also. I also think they will marry someday and that they are back together now. Thanks for your positive post about such a beautiful couple. Much happiness to Ian and Nina.

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  38. […] while it’s too soon to tell if they’ll get back together for good, the couple has been making an effort to see each other outside of work. Some even say they’re getting hot and heavy once […]

  39. […] One could argue that Nina could have done a lot better, but I don’t think she’s so superficial that she would refuse to date someone just because they appear on a reality show. However, Nina and Derek also ended up breaking up relatively soon. One minute, they were happily in ‘love’ and posing for the cameras, and the next minute, they were done. Who knows how this has affected Nina’s friendship with Julianne, but sources claim that the cause of Nina’s breakup with Derek was because she was still in a friends with benefits relationship with Ian. […]