Jared Leto Cheating on Girlfriend Dimphy Janse: Caught on Camera With Mystery Girl (PHOTOS)

Jared Leto Cheating on Girlfriend Dimphy Janse: Caught on Camera With Mystery Girl (PHOTOS)

We already know that Jared Leto doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to fidelity, right? In fact I can’t really say that I’m sure that Leto ever approaches his relationships as if they are exclusive and the conveyor belt of hot chicks that he has on his arm seems to keep moving pretty quickly, doesn’t it? According to the May 26th print edition of Star magazine Leto has been dating younger model, Dimphy Janse for a hot minute, at least long enough for them to be connected on paper without him denying that they are dating.

Leto also was spotted out in Studio City yesterday with a hot little brunette. The two appeared to be grabbing lunch and were very cozy- until Leto spotted that paps. Then he got himself out of there, leaving his gal pal holding lunch as he jumped in his car and left her! The photos kind of tell the story of a guy trying to outrun photographers (Fail!) as his date looks on in confusion. This poor chick looks like she is in a state of disbelief. My guess is that not too many guys have cut and run like this on her and it must have stung a bit.

Unfortunately if Leto was still seeing Janse then I’m pretty sure he’s going to have some explaining to do this morning when she sees the photo set of him with yesterday’s chick. Isn’t Leto getting a bit old for this? I mean he’s pushing 40 right? At some point shouldn’t the game change into a more grown up version? Tell us your thoughts on Leto’s getting busted in the comments below!

Jared Leto who is rumored to be in a relationship with model Dimphy Janse gets caught with a mystery girl in Studio City, California on May 17, 2014. Jared and the mystery girl in the blue skirt behind him were spotted out together. As soon as Jared spotted the camera he immediately took off leaving the girl behind. The girl did not look to happy that Jared had just left her.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • this is just dumb

    Busted on what? The only thing caught on camera is him walking down the street and there are people in the background and giving paps the thumbs up and waving to them. I guess you’ve moved on from just dating rumours to cheating rumours of rumoured relationships.

  • Sonia

    The media is pathetic. This is getting ridiculous. Next time Jared is spotted with his mom, you guys will say that’s his girlfriend.

  • carrie

    Angie varona,the attention whore ? The teen pin-up?

  • Beck

    Why is he even having Lunch with her to begin with the girl has nasty reputation. Its just asking for trouble. What a douche likes little girls.

  • AngieVarona

    the next day Jared was wth Angie at Malibu Creek. Photos are everywhere. This guy is creepy and I am sure they were talking about brazilian wax….not

    • lollipop orange

      So where are the photos that were everywhere? He is with no one because hes practically married and hides his personal life

  • Raelyn

    Haha, quick call the fidelity police Jared’s on the loose. Busted with who? You’re
    lacking the basic capability to report Jared’s age, it’s 42 btw and file photo’s of him walking in what appears to be “alone” under cheating. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone either, and you base your cheating theory on a unconfirmed rumour. Really??? Hypothetically speaking Jared is dating, how does the presence of another female qualify as cheating? This whole dramatic fictional story made me laugh, so thank you for that…

  • Andrea oara

    MOre smoke screen – everyone knows he is with Emma ludbrook his former assistant who still lives with him. He has been with her for years and only pretends to date others.

  • cora

    I think the assistant story is most believable but fans who want him single won’t buy it. Who knows

  • Dell Forbes

    Single or not (and I say not and that he just keeps his private life private) he’s lickable!!

  • Dell Forbes

    lol Heidi probably never met him. Jared doesn’t talk about his personal life and when he did in the past, he was into long term relationships. His former assistant is the most believeable story.

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