Jared Leto Cheating on Girlfriend Dimphy Janse: Caught on Camera With Mystery Girl (PHOTOS)

Jared Leto Cheating on Girlfriend Dimphy Janse: Caught on Camera With Mystery Girl (PHOTOS)

We already know that Jared Leto doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to fidelity, right? In fact I can’t really say that I’m sure that Leto ever approaches his relationships as if they are exclusive and the conveyor belt of hot chicks that he has on his arm seems to keep moving pretty quickly, doesn’t it? According to the May 26th print edition of Star magazine Leto has been dating younger model, Dimphy Janse for a hot minute, at least long enough for them to be connected on paper without him denying that they are dating.

Leto also was spotted out in Studio City yesterday with a hot little brunette. The two appeared to be grabbing lunch and were very cozy- until Leto spotted that paps. Then he got himself out of there, leaving his gal pal holding lunch as he jumped in his car and left her! The photos kind of tell the story of a guy trying to outrun photographers (Fail!) as his date looks on in confusion. This poor chick looks like she is in a state of disbelief. My guess is that not too many guys have cut and run like this on her and it must have stung a bit.

Unfortunately if Leto was still seeing Janse then I’m pretty sure he’s going to have some explaining to do this morning when she sees the photo set of him with yesterday’s chick. Isn’t Leto getting a bit old for this? I mean he’s pushing 40 right? At some point shouldn’t the game change into a more grown up version? Tell us your thoughts on Leto’s getting busted in the comments below!

Jared Leto who is rumored to be in a relationship with model Dimphy Janse gets caught with a mystery girl in Studio City, California on May 17, 2014. Jared and the mystery girl in the blue skirt behind him were spotted out together. As soon as Jared spotted the camera he immediately took off leaving the girl behind. The girl did not look to happy that Jared had just left her.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

15 responses to “Jared Leto Cheating on Girlfriend Dimphy Janse: Caught on Camera With Mystery Girl (PHOTOS)”

  1. this is just dumb says:

    Busted on what? The only thing caught on camera is him walking down the street and there are people in the background and giving paps the thumbs up and waving to them. I guess you’ve moved on from just dating rumours to cheating rumours of rumoured relationships.

  2. Sonia says:

    The media is pathetic. This is getting ridiculous. Next time Jared is spotted with his mom, you guys will say that’s his girlfriend.

  3. carrie says:

    Angie varona,the attention whore ? The teen pin-up?

  4. Beck says:

    Why is he even having Lunch with her to begin with the girl has nasty reputation. Its just asking for trouble. What a douche likes little girls.

  5. AngieVarona says:

    the next day Jared was wth Angie at Malibu Creek. Photos are everywhere. This guy is creepy and I am sure they were talking about brazilian wax….not

    • lollipop orange says:

      So where are the photos that were everywhere? He is with no one because hes practically married and hides his personal life

  6. Raelyn says:

    Haha, quick call the fidelity police Jared’s on the loose. Busted with who? You’re
    lacking the basic capability to report Jared’s age, it’s 42 btw and file photo’s of him walking in what appears to be “alone” under cheating. I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone either, and you base your cheating theory on a unconfirmed rumour. Really??? Hypothetically speaking Jared is dating, how does the presence of another female qualify as cheating? This whole dramatic fictional story made me laugh, so thank you for that…

  7. Andrea oara says:

    MOre smoke screen – everyone knows he is with Emma ludbrook his former assistant who still lives with him. He has been with her for years and only pretends to date others.

  8. cora says:

    I think the assistant story is most believable but fans who want him single won’t buy it. Who knows

  9. Dell Forbes says:

    Single or not (and I say not and that he just keeps his private life private) he’s lickable!!

  10. Dell Forbes says:

    lol Heidi probably never met him. Jared doesn’t talk about his personal life and when he did in the past, he was into long term relationships. His former assistant is the most believeable story.

  11. […] and flirting. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were a couple.” To be fair, Jared flirts with pretty much everything that moves, and Ashley fits right into his wheelhouse. Why […]

  12. I saw this comment on a websit says:

    I’m sorry but anyone who says that Jared has the right to remove
    images from a FAN page is crazy! How can you justify paying people to
    literally sit and look through blogs to delete “embarrassing” pictures
    which are widely available on the internet. Did I mention they are fan
    blogs? As in the fans who support him, buy the merch, the tickets, the
    VyRTs and spread the 30stm and Jared Leto brand worldwide through social
    media. Oh, but only the things which he deems to be acceptable for
    everyone to see. Remember, it’s not as if the fans are posting personal
    pictures from say Facebook, these pictures have been around for ages.
    Leto is seriously lucky he has any fans at all. As for Emma, I met her
    and she was very distant as if she was better than me. All I said was hi
    and she glared at me, looked at her phone and then walked away. I felt
    like shit. This wasn’t in the street or anything this was at an AIW
    (meet in greet or rather pay and hey unless you are Emma Ludbrook). I
    also see on the internet that she does not take pictures with fans
    because she is so “shy”. Yeah, coming from someone who posts a new
    picture of herself everyday. Narcissist. She keeps the fans at arms
    length and is not exactly the nicest to them when she replies to them on
    twitter. On some occasions she is actually pretty rude. Oh, unless you
    are a special type of fan i.e. Johnny Depp’s daughter whom she follows
    on twitter only because she is Johnny Depp’s daughter and Ludbrook seems
    pretty desperate for fame. Doing an article for NYLON, posing for
    rapist Terry Richardson and generally winding up and showing off to the
    fans how close she is to Jared whenever she gets the chance. She begs
    for her twitter to be verified as she has delusions of being famous when
    in fact no one even knew who Jared Leto was before he won his Oscar.
    What exactly is Ludbrook’s job? Of course she will make out how hard she
    works to get sympathy off the fans but seriously wtf does she do??? Sit
    on a luxury boat all day??? Get a free Chanel gift for sitting front
    row??? (was it totally necessary for her to be there???!!! Or even Jared
    for that matter he is a man for christ sake looking at women’s fashion.
    He cancelled a whole meet and greet last minute for that just because
    he won an Oscar a few days previous and had to be seen. Nevermind the
    fact that people paid for hotels, took time off work etc. Money they
    will never get back) Her life just seems to be one big holiday. She may
    send a few emails a day but jesus christ Emma, stop pretending you work
    so hard, it’s embarrassing. Some people have real, grown-up jobs.
    Ugh…. I don’t even get the whole love for Emma in the Echelon. There
    are so many creepy fan blogs which will never get deleted because she
    craves the attention and the fame despite her not even being in the
    public eye. From what I can see the fandom hate Chloe Bartoli but really
    what is the difference between her and Ludbrook? They both dose around
    on a boat all day doing nothing.

    I regret ever being a fan as they
    are all corrupt, self obsessed, money hungry bastards. Actually, Tomo
    is lovely, too good to be near these damaged Hollywood types with their
    bleeding hearts as soon as a natural disaster happens they tell us to
    give money when they are rich as fuck. Oh. Look. Emma posted a picture
    of herself with Cartier jelwery on. The other day there it was a Prada
    dress! Hard working people would have to save for months to buy these
    luxuries! Yes, Tomo is an angel, I hope he gets away from them soon (not
    fucking Jared soon, those bastards even made a shitty soon shirt). I
    seriously regret spending my hard earned money on a AIW ticket when it
    left me out of pocket and feeling like shit. I wish I never bought their
    merch or even entertained that they were nice people who believed in
    the “dreamers” and all that shit Leto says. Fuck you Jared, fuck you
    Emma, fuck you the Hive.

    My guess this post will get deleted.
    Actually, this whole post will get deleted. Take screen caps of all this
    stuff while you can posters!

  13. Not a Fan says:

    He just have many friends with benefits and bangs everyone in town.
    Scary to think how many STd’s he probably has (sorry) but with this
    lifestyle what can you except? Just because of this I don’t find him
    attractive, who wants a man that will only give something. And women
    that go for these games obviously are not worth anyone’s time. Cheap,
    easy with nothing real to offer. And they all parasite off of him to get
    some money, fame or whatever they can. He’s happy to have his
    worshiping shallow entourage. No respectable woman with a brain would
    accept these terms. And Jared likes these types because he doesn’t want anything serious at all, he just wanna have fun, if ya know what I mean.
    Sad for him though, not asking him to get married, but is sad that he
    doesn’t know any better and just want to live on the fast track instead
    of harvesting something real outta life. He could do better than all these awful women he keeps relating himself with, he just doesn’t know it. Poor guy.