Meet Alexandra Warner, Robert Pattinson’s New Australian Girlfriend: Sleeping With Her To Get Back At Kristen Stewart?

Meet Alexandra Warner, Robert Pattinson's New Australian Girlfriend: Sleeping With Her To Get Back At Kristen Stewart?

Wow, what is it with British guys cheating on their girlfriends with Australian chicks? First it was Zayn Malik and now him, too? Oh God. Robert Pattinson got real cozy with a blonde woman at the Adelaide’s Big Day Out at the Showgrounds in Australia two nights ago where he enjoyed watching some of his favorite bands, including Vampire Weekend, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers.  Now it’s time to meet Alexandra Warner, Robert Pattinson’s new sexy Australian girlfriend.  Is Rob sleeping with Alexandra just to piss off home wrecker Kristen Stewart? Look at the timing – Rob has struck right when Liberty Ross has filed for divorce.  Is this a coincidence or karma?

Forget about that, we want to know who the blonde chick Alexandra is and why she has this huge smile on her smile. You know, usually when girls have such a big grin on their face, it’s because they had been pleasured in all the right places (if you know what we mean) and this girl is definitely showing it in the pic above. While the actor claims she was just a fan who stopped by and asked to have a picture taken with him, that little lip rising (almost looking liking a smile) says it all – he’s trying to get back at Kristen.

And you know what? We’re not mad at him for it. Kristen was busy banging her director Rupert Sanders, so why shouldn’t he have some fun and get back at her for what she did to him? I mean – let’s be real – every man’s dream is to hope that their girlfriend cheats on them… just because it gives them the same right, and we happen to be smart enough to use it to our advantage — we could cheat ten times and still get away with the ‘.. but you cheated on me, too’ card. Go get some R-Patz!!

He also opted to pose with a couple of mutual friends, including John Day who had the following to say after the event: “He was very cool, very gracious and good humoured … I asked him how he was enjoying Adelaide and he said he’d only been here a short time and hadn’t seen much. I asked him what he (Rob) thought of the Flinders Ranges and he wasn’t sure what or where that was, so he had a bit of a laugh about that.”

Dressed for the occasion, Robert wore his usual baseball cap to keep a low profile at the festival, while wearing a checkered shirt and a pair of jeans. Later that night, Rob made his way over to the Grace Emily Hotel where he downed a few bottles of beer before probably asking that sexy blonde chick to his hotel room. His British and the Brits are known to cheat on their girlfriends a lot, and considering that Kristen is an ugly-piece of crap, Pattinson probably needed something prettier to look at when he lays it down! Ha.

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    Maurice the moron where’s your photo?

    • I think Robert Pattinson has it. Sorry – I will need to ask him to give it back to me.

  • you are full of sh*t!

    Maurice Cassidy – you are a mean and vindictive liar! Rob should sue you for libel!

  • Maurice Cassidy, another moron “reporter” of the celebrity gossip machine. I predicted his story above nearly nine days ago in my blog Five Rob & Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen at And for those who missed it, my fairy tale # 3 went something like this:

    Story # 3 It will some version of Rob is out (probably at some waterhole) with another mystery woman (probably a blond)(probably has big tits) and with whom he is having a (probably a romantic) wonderful evening. There may
    or may not be equivocal photos to go along with the story. And again despite the lack of evidence to support it, it will unleash a fresh wave of Kristen bashing and hatred and assertions that she deserves it and how great it is that Rob has moved on to a new love.

    Come Maurice you could have tried to disguise it a little better than that. And you end up providing the Kristen bashing yourself probably because you couldn’t find anyone who believes your BS. And that’s what it is BS. And just a little fatherly advice, if you think every girl who has a smile on face has just had a good time, well I suspect you cant’ tell the difference between a girl who has and a girl who is faking it! LMAO!!!.

    And your story is dreadfully late. Several others already have variations out on this one.

  • sick.

  • Realy are you that much of an idiot. Gee nothing going on with Kristen and Rob – let us see what we can make up. You need to get a different job because you suck as a reporter. One thing that gets me is for you to say Kristen is so ugly. SAY WHAT!!!!!!! She is a very pretty girl and has alot of natural beauty unlike alot of star who really need alot of makeup. Stop bein g so mean and vindictive or is it that you want Robert to yourself. JERK

    • Sorry, but are we looking the same Kristen Stewart?

  • ellenj49

    This is a horrible mean story. Why do you want to hurt these 2 people? They should sue you. I just worry some Zannies could do them harm because of the aweful stories you write. You should be held accountable for defaming them. I know one thing they won’t respond. If it were me I’d have your ass in court every chance I got. No freedom of the press when you slander. There are laws. This site I hope gets nailed in the pocket one of these days. Be assured your rep is considered nonexistent .

  • More tab lies. I hope this girl sues you. You have now posted her picture, given out her name and falsely reported she is dating Robert Pattinson. You might be able to write lies about celebrities and not get in trouble but the regular old public? Nah…that’s a different story….I can’t wait for Karma to come and bite all your tabs on the ass for your lies….it’s ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. For all those reading this article – it is 100% completely fabricated by this tab. Not one ounce of it is true

  • Hope this young lady sues the hell out of you.

  • Emma

    This is so idiotic. He was clearly posing with a fan. There are other pictures of him with male fans…conveniently, these pictures are missing from this story. I hope Rob Pattinson and/or this girl sues you for spreading false rumors.

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