Kristen Stewart Belle Role In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ – Twilight Fans Rejoice!

Kristen Stewart Belle Role In 'Beauty And The Beast' - Twilight Fans Rejoice!

Disney has just announced their film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, coming off the massive success of Maleficent this past weekend. Of course, casting rumors are already circulating the Internet, and one of the names mentioned over and over again is Kristen Stewart for the role of Belle.

Now, I very highly doubt that Kristen would accept the role, even if she was offered, considering that she’s already playing another famous Disney princess in another movie franchise. Playing Snow White in the Snow White and the Huntsman movies has probably crossed her name off casting lists for other princesses, even if Huntsman is from a different studio than Disney.

However, it’s possible that Bill Condon, who was just tapped for the Beauty and the Beast film, convinces Kristen to take the role. Bill worked with Kristen on the last two Twilight films, and she reportedly had a great working relationship with him. Kristen’s always been very vocal about building strong relationships with directors, and she’s always stated that working with Bill was a pleasure — so could she want to make it a three-peat?

If Kristen does get offered the role, and by some twist of fate, accept . . . I guarantee the fans will go nuts. Twilight fans will be ecstatic, but I don’t know if the rest of the Internet will be as accepting. She’s already Snow White, and the reactions to her version of Snow White haven’t exactly been very positive. In fact, most of the reactions ranged from lukewarm to negative, and I’m guessing Disney probably wants someone with a higher movie star profile, especially since the actor who plays Beast will be covered up with CG or makeup through most of the movie.

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