The Young and the Restless David Tom Fails as Billy Abbott: Bring Back Billy Miller Before It’s Too Late

The Young and the Restless David Tom Fails as Billy Abbott: Bring Back Billy Miller Before It's Too Late

The Young and the Restless fans took to social media today after David Tom’s scenes as Billy Abbott on the popular CBS soap, to voice their opinions on the recent cast change. Recently Y&R executive producer Jill Farren Phelps shocked fans by firing fan-favorite Billy Miller, and re-casting Y&R alum David Tom as the character Billy Abbott.

A large chunk of  Y&R fans have already jumped ship and stopped watching the soap amid all of the recent cast firings and behind the scenes drama (courtesy of EP Jill Farren Phelps). Some of the loyal Y&R fans that have kept tuning in, despite the Billy Miller and Michael Muhney drama, are struggling while they watch David Tom butcher the role of Billy Abbott.

Some heated scenes on The Young and the Restless today featuring David Tom in his new role as Billy Abbott arguing with Victor Newman sent fans into an uproar. Billy confronting Victor over keeping Adam’s involvement in Delia’s death a secret should have been an intense scene, but fans think David Tom’s portrayal of Billy Abbott ruined the scene.

The Young and the Restless David Tom Fails as Billy Abbott: Bring Back Billy Miller Before It's Too Late

Y&R fans took to Facebook to voice their disgust over David Tom’s scenes with Victor Newman today. On Soap Opera Spy, a Facebook group dedicated to today’s soaps, fans ranted about David Tom’s appearance on Young and the Restless today. One fan even stated, “Y&R should have given Billy Miller what he required to keep being Billy…it had never been an issue in the past. They are killing their own show.

So, Y&R fans, were you as disappointed in David Tom’s scenes with Victor Newman today as we are? Or, do you think David Tom is doing a good job playing the role of Billy Abbott?

The Young and the Restless David Tom Fails as Billy Abbott: Bring Back Billy Miller Before It's Too Late

  • jeanne

    It’s so painful to watch y&r without Billy Miller. He was a fantastic actor and the main reason for watching the show. I have no more interest in the show.

  • UglyWhite

    David Tom sucks bad

  • Nic

    Even if David Tom portrayed Billy Abbot Billy Miller was an awesome actor he needs to return. Watching David Tom is so hard he’s so fake in that role.

  • pkr

    billy miller owns billy abbott. david tom is awful they need to recast the role.i used to love y&r but it is going downhill fast.

  • Richard Reeves

    I think David Tom is doing ok.He needs a fresh whole new storyline though.Billy Miller was alright,but too arrogant and a bit of a smart ass as Billy.David plays him way more real & natural.Who cares if he looks young for his age.The show better not recast again.I don’t want anybody else but David in this role.Billy Miller is done and gone so get over it you whinney haters!

  • NTuned

    Yes get e’em!!!

  • don

    I like I said to Lane I will not comment on david tom performance until they far enough in the storyline before I can judge.

  • Grayslake Girl

    Yes, please bring back Billy Miller!

  • Nikki

    David Tom is butt ugly and terrible at this role. Bring back the other

  • Tisha

    David Tom is so awful as Billy, that the show is just losing it’s audience….please, please, bring back Billy Miller…I know that Michael Muhney’s not coming back, but PLEASE GIVE US BILLY MILLER BACK, P L E A S E !!!!!!!

  • Tisha

    I will never see David Tom as Billy, his portrayal of Billy is so painful to watch..and I don’t agree with you on Michael Muhney as Adam, I loved him right off the bat and so did my mother…he commanded that Role from the get go…he knew how to make us love, and hate him all at the same time…Michael’s acting is brilliant!

  • Ife’

    This past/new Billy double SUCKS!

  • Dramh2007

    This is too painful to watch I’m not sure how long I can last! Been watching for 40 yrs started watching with my grandmother …I usually adjust,but this will not work! Bring Billy Miller back! Make him an offer he can’t refuse!!!

  • julie dawson

    The new billy sux……bottom line…..i cant stand watching him!!

  • Mystic White Shepherds

    Yes, and I didn’t care for him then..Was glad he left the show

  • Mystic White Shepherds

    Yes, but if enough people complain, they will have to replace or bring back Billy Miller..If he is not doing it for the fans, then they should listen

  • Mystic White Shepherds

    Well then find a better replacment, one with the same energy and confidence that Billy Miller brought to the role..David Tom does not have the ability to pull that off..He looks like a little boy..Not nearly as charasmatic as Billy Miller

  • Chris Moore

    DT is HORRIBLE playing Billy! EVERY scene he’s in is completely unbelievable. I can’t even watch it, can’t even care about the story line anymore. I’m sure will be same for Adam scenes with the new whomever (not Michael M) Sad :-( been with Y&R my whole life (which is probably sad too lol), maybe the producers are actually doing me a favor… Just about done with it.

  • TLC

    Horrible decision. Bring

  • TLC

    Bring Billy Miller back please. My favorite soap is fading quickly.

  • Shas

    I can’t stand David Tom’s voice! I’m sorry nothing against the guy but it crates on me and he can’t even compare to the presence that Billy Miller gave the character! I loved Billy Miller as Billy. Now I can’t stand to watch any scene with David Tom. I want Victoria to divorce his ass and be done with him! I hate the character now. They are firing all the best actors with interesting characters. The show is so disappointing now. It’s so sad…

  • sue

    Want Billy Miller back this Tom just don’t do it, He looks like a little kid. Does not act any thing like Billy could. And I want Michael back also. Y&R is ruining everything good about the show.

  • mslady269

    A month later and I this version of Billy Abbot still pains me to watch. I wish they had just killed him off the show instead of bringing David Tom back. I’m going to hold onto hope that the producers will come to their senses and hire the old Billy back.

  • amy

    The new billy is extremely disappointing! Y&R made a huge mistake getting rid of Billy Miller!!!

  • Deb

    She is an IDIOT! I have not missed an episode for over 20 years and I am done with it unless Billie and Michael come back. Get rid of the Witch!

  • Lorimae

    Phelps is going to kill this show as she did her other one. Get Billy Miller back !!!!!

  • Mrshall

    He’s horrible!! The old Billy is so much better but if you need to replace do it better. The new Billy is nerve racking and a horrible actor. Him and Victoria do not match.

  • Aliando

    I have faithfully watched Y&R for the past 20 years. Every time David Tom comes on to portray Billy, I change the channel. He seems awkward and it’s as though Victoria is walking all over him. His begging of her back, literally makes me sick because he does not have the charisma, charm or intensity that Billy Miller did. If you don’t want Billy Miller, fine. Just find someone else besides David Tom. He was fine as the young Billy, but his character has evolved into much more than what Tom can handle.

  • Lauryn Sheehan

    There was a reason why he left after three years. Billy Miller needs to come back.

  • Stephanie Elson Salinas

    In a nutshell, I don’t think we are really invested in any of the characters any more. Don’t *love* any of them any longer, don’t cry or laugh over scenes, don’t cheer them on, don’t care much about what happens to them. That was never the case in the days of characters Katherine, Adam, Billy, Delia, Phyllis. And the characters that are still left – they are being totally ruined! I have watched this show since the very first episode & am now disgusted at the way the casting and story lines are being handled. I no longer care…

  • kbow

    David Tom just isn’t the right guy as Billy Abbot. I can’t stand it. He always looks constipated…or forced somehow. I miss Billy Miller :(

  • annoyed 123

    The worst thing was letting billy miller go i cant atch tom butcher the role, he is absolutely terrible aand in no way compares to billy millers protrayal. Also,, i miss michael as adam. I have stopped watching y& r because they dont keep good talent then replaces them with mediocre actors

  • kathy

    The new billy comes off as a kid whining all the time. Bring back the old Billy!!!

  • Candice C Holmes

    The new “Billy” sucks!!!! David Tom needs to go!!!!! I hate the way he acts out his parts.

  • vmwelps

    I loved Billy Miller as Billy. David Tom does a terrible job as Billy. It’s painful to watch him try to be as good as Miller.

  • Linda Dillard

    I hate David Tom trying to be Billy Miller.

  • Desiree Lee

    David will never be as good as Billy.
    The show sucks now that David is playing Billy.
    Billy gave his 100 percent into the role but David only gives some percent into the role but no hate to David he is a good actor but not as Billy Abbott.

    Michael needs to come back to along with Billy.

  • Patz

    Whoever is responsible for hiring David Tom in the role of Billy Abbott has done the character an injustice. Poor acting and too many faces, describes David Tom. I’m a Y & R fan for a long time but find it very difficult to watch anymore.

  • Kris

    I cannot comment on DT’s acting because I quit watching the show on BM & MM’s last day. I will not return – after more than 30 years of faithful viewing – unless they BOTH come back. How sad as the show has been my guilty pleasure for decades. I used to look forward to watching it every night online…never missing a single episode. Now, I just feel sadness when I remember how things used to be. BRING BACK BILLY MILLER & MICHAEL MUHNEY before you lose more fans or it will soon be too late…and throw in Michelle Stafford while you’re at it. The wrong people are being let go. Fire JFP!!!

  • Nerissa Hosein

    Billy Miller is the only Billy Abbott that was worth watching!!!

  • Desiree Lee

    It’s painful watching David play Billy.

    Billy Miller will always be the only Billy Abbott!!!!!!

    YR needs to fire Jill as soon as possible or else she will ruin YR and you wont be able to recover the damage she has already done.

    Jill has already killed 2 soaps Don’t Let Her Kill YR to

    I like David but not as Billy Abbott


  • Marcus Birdsong

    I do not like the knew Billy Abbott please Y&R get you act together and stop firing these cast members. We want Billy Miller back he is funny as Hell the knew billy is boring and I’m thinking of just not watching the show anymore.

  • tamryno

    I haven’t liked the new Billy (David Tom) from the beginning but I understand change is as always hard. I’ve been giving it time… But no more! His scene today with Chelsea and begging to come in and see Conner was so annoying! Billy Miller begging would have been irresistible with his charm. I would’ve been thinking “just let him in!”. With David Tom its more like ” you’re annoying, just gi away and leave Chelsea alone!” Ill never get used to him!