The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Wants To Be Adam Newman Again – Overwhelming Majority of Y&R Fans Agree

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Wants To Be Adam Newman Again – Overwhelming Majority of Y&R Fans Agree

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that another step toward Michael Muhney’s (Adam Newman) return to the show has been taken. A recent poll confirms that an overwhelming majority of fans support the actor’s second attempt to rejoin the cast of Y&R. Recent behind-the-scenes changes also allow a new opportunity for what would be one of the great revived roles in recent daytime history.

Three years have passed since Michael Muhney’s last scenes were projected in daytime. His version of Adam was riding in an SUV with Billy Abbott (then played by Billy Miller). A gun was drawn, Delia’s (Sophie Pollono) grief-ravaged father fired a shot and an SUV went over a cliff and down an embankment. The vehicle exploded, but not before Billy (then played by David Tom) and Adam (to be played by Justin Hartley, who went on to perform excellently in this role) escaped separately.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Wants To Be Adam Newman Again – Overwhelming Majority of Y&R Fans Agree

Easily one of, if not the most controversial exits in recent soap opera history set the Internet aflame one month prior to Muhney’s swan song scenes. Time and common sense appear to have confirmed that the actor was terminated due to his self-acknowledged abrasive personality. All conjecture regarding other issues related to his being removed from the cast was blunted by the fact that Y&R interviewed Muhney for rehire months after he’d been let go.

Any claimed legal matters would have never allowed Y&R to have considered Muhney for rehire if he’d been guilty of any abusive act. Because no actual evidence ever arose, common sense consensus eventually formed around the conclusion that Muhney was telling the truth, as was former embattled executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Wants To Be Adam Newman Again – Overwhelming Majority of Y&R Fans Agree

The debunked claims against Muhney have been marginalized, or destroyed entirely. Yes, a certain rabid faction of the public would likely restart its propaganda campaign if this ever happens. But no company, or person can allow a mob of any size to believe that it has actual influence.

By his own recent account, Muhney has grown as a person. He knows that his career and credibility would ride on such a return. So he surely would do everything within his power to be a good colleague the second time around. While Muhney wasn’t believed to have rubbed everyone the wrong way, it does seem that he needs to be far more easygoing with all fellow employees and lessen the pressure he applies to himself.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Wants To Be Adam Newman Again – Overwhelming Majority of Y&R Fans Agree

Matching the cited poll’s margin, an overwhelming majority of soap opera fans are also seasoned entertainment connoisseurs. They know Adam’s backstory as well as Muhney’s real life tale. There’s no question that this character is loved and that Muhney’s social media interaction has been fully engaging.

Sally Sussman said in November that she didn’t see a current need for this character (Adam) to return right now. She also didn’t rule out the longer term possibility. Muhney’s recent comments about having his representation attempt contact with Y&R prove that this topic endures.

The potential of great entertainment and real life redemption. Yes, true fans would loudly cheer both. CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Young and the Restless. Check back regularly for Y&R spoilers and news!

  • babsone

    I am waiting for Michael Muhney to return and then I will too. Others I know want Michael Muhney back. Hope you listen to fans

    • Donna Mitchell Rayford

      I miss “my show” but I miss Michael even more. Haven’t watched since his final scene & won’t until he’s back.

  • Kathleen Knapp

    I am the exception to the rule. I see no benefit to bringing Adam back! Bringing Adam back before was traumatic enough on all

    This time it isn’t just Billy & Chelsea who will be affected. Personally, I do not have that much confidence in the writers to do it right!

    I am sure this other Actor is good but watching old episodes- he was just another Billy type. Argonaut & Self Centered. Justin made Adam likeable & responsible.

    • Donna Mitchell Rayford

      I didn’t see Justin play Adam but I think he’s a wonderful actor. However, Michael was not “unlikable” & neither was the Adam that he portrayed. His Adam was believable. He WAS Victor’s abandoned & damaged child. Michael made Adam a complex & sympathetic character that you could root for even when he was being an awful person. Michael was able to show Adam as a deeply hurt & conflicted man just wanting his Father’s love & acceptance. When he didn’t get it he acted like a rejected 10 year old boy. When he did get a modicum of attention he showed the person he wanted to be & would have been if he’d had Victor in his life growing up. And Michael & Eric’s chemistry was undeniable. Can you tell I’m passionate about this? Lol

    • DayZ

      I’m another exception because I also see no need for Adam’s return. Things are moving right along without an Adam, plus I did not care for Michael Muhney’s portrayal of the character. I would much prefer Justin Hartley come back although I know that will not happen.

  • Dale

    Please bring back Michael, he was an exemplary Adam and I would love to see him back in this role!

  • not as much a fan now

    If it’s all a rumour, why didn’t snowflake ever defend Michael? Doesn’t say much for her character since she was his supposed victim

    • kapoosa

      Maybe it’s not a rumor to her.

      • not as much a fan now

        A private investigator was hired and recently found the person ( in London) who started it. Will wait to see what develops I guess

  • TAS

    YES!!! That’s exactly what THiS and MANY more fans want, Big question is Do TPTB at Y&R CARE about what WE want?? Not looking that way, it’s already February, why the huge wait?? It’s been long ENOUGH!! Thank-you CDL for posting article about what we as fans want! #MuhneyIsAdam #YRNeedsAdam

  • Ruth

    I think Michael should be brought back, Conner needs his daddy not Nick. It’s been to long and Adam’s characterr brings in more fun

    • Marlene Crawl

      Yes Bring Michael back. Nick go Sharon. I Stop watching on read comments. And keep Hillary with Devon or die . Billy needs be father not dog with Phyllis Anymore

  • Diane lett

    When are are they bringing Michael back please! Real soon.

  • Marlene Crawl

    Let Adam Michael. M come back to Chelsea them let Nick go bad Sharon. Keep Devon together. They Super Couple Jack needs go back Phyllis I don’t watch anymore I just read comme