Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Will Fight to the End!

Jennifer Lopez is facing a court battle in her ongoing legal dispute with her first ex-husband – Ojani Noa has vowed to fight her “to the end.” The singer/actress filed her suit against the former waiter in April, after Noa announced plans to detail their one-year marriage in a tell-all book. She also obtained a restraining order barring Noa from revealing intimate details of their sex life.

Noa and Lopez signed an agreement last year, ruling he could not disparage the star or make money from disclosing intimate details from their brief marriage. But Noa told a Los Angeles judge Friday that he regrets agreeing to the preliminary injunctions.

He said, “I want to fight this thing to the end. My life has not been the same since this lawsuit was filed.” The judge told Noa he must hire a lawyer by January 17 or represent himself in court.


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