Lindsay Lohan: "Paris Hit Me With a Drink!"

Last Night, Lindsay Lohan told x17online on camera Paris had hit her in the arm with a drink the previous night while she was at a friend’s house. She claimed that she didn’t know Paris was going to be there. While showing her bruised arm to the camera Lindsay stated “It hurts and it’s not okay.”

She also said”Sorry if people think i’m crazy, but im not im just trying to act.”

I feel bad for her and I believe her. Don’t worry Lindsay atleast you have actually done something in your life!

To see the video go to X17 Online
Lindsay Lohan leaving Nobu in Malibu (11/25/06)


2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan: "Paris Hit Me With a Drink!"”

  1. Abe-O says:

    I made up a funny Lindsay Lohan quote about this:

    I crack myself up- I know I’m so lame!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s lying. All these bitches get together and fabricate shit to keep publicity flowing. They should all spontaneously drop dead.