America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8: First Episode Pictures

She got the boot because she was dumber than the bucket of paint. She didn’t know how to pose because she didn’t understand she had to portray a person against fur. NO COMMENT!

Outside of this show this girl has the most potential. I can’t believe Tyra picked this girl! I can see her doing high fashion. She is really annoying, so she better keep quite or say something witty next week.

I Like this picture, but the judges didn’t? She is such annoying bitch…. The first episode and she played the mother card like 10 times.

She should have went home, but she was lucky there was a dumb bitch that could barely understand her name.

It looks like they are painting each other? The plus size girl looks like shit, but I love her! She will do really well. She looked much better in another picture. The other girl is great and the judges loved her look.

She is so pretty, but this is such a disappointing effort. She was so awkward.

They must have photo shopped this picture galore because this girl has holes all over her face and is not this pretty. On the show she looks like she just escaped from jail and here she looks like a beauty queen!

I’m so surprised she was able to put on a scary face like this. Her body looks lifeless, though.

Brittany: I am so surprised that she had such a great picture. I wasn’t expecting much from her, but she did great. Hope she keeps it up because she sure doesn’t look like a model in person.

It looks like she is going to puke all over the food.

Not a great picture. The food takes over the picture when she should be the center.