Amy Winehouse Outside in Just A Bra!

Amy Winehouse was seen sobbing outside her London home in just a bra and jeans in the early hours of Sunday.

She was sound asleep when she heard a noise.? She had spent the evening with a friend and thought he had come back because he had forgotten something. “After being in a really deep sleep she had no idea what time it was – she just went outside to see what was going on. She didn’t think it was necessary to get dressed properly as she was only going outside for a minute.”

Her spokeswoman said: “Amy was investigating a noise outside – which is why she wasn’t wearing any shoes, and was just in a bra and jeans with no make-up. Amy hadn’t been partying – she’d have been wearing make-up if she had been. ”


2 responses to “Amy Winehouse Outside in Just A Bra!”

  1. Alix says:

    She breaks your heart. So much wasted talent. Shit!!!!

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