Britney Spears & Lil’ Mama – Gimme More (Remix)

Lil Mama. The diminutive rapper is about to drop a remix of Spears’ single “Gimme More,” in which she gives the singer some props but spends most of the song boasting about her own skills: “I’m what’s hot. Ever see ‘G-Slide’? I can bring it back.” Lil Mama then calls out the “followers,” saying she has no competition because she’s “so far ahead of my time.” And, in what could be an analysis of why Spears has had so many troubles as of late, Lil Mama says, “People always going to tell you what you want to hear,” that there’s been “too many yeses, not enough noes, not enough real,” which means even “the best get torn.” Who knew the dance track could be a cautionary tale as well? As Lil Mama raps, “You’ve been warned by the voice of the young.” . Remix below Source