Britney Spears Must Be Crazy to Release This Song!

TMZ received a hand delivered envelope at their offices this morning. Enclosed was a CD that read, “Britney — Get It.” Without a doubt it was dropped off by someone in Brit’s camp from Britney herself.


Why would I think that? First, it looks like her writing. Second, The freakin’ moron couldn’t? spell Glendale? I never knew it was spelled Glenndale? Ding! Ding! It’s Britney!


To Listen to the song Click Here.

The song is shit too! It sounds like an elephant is taking a shit.


2 responses to “Britney Spears Must Be Crazy to Release This Song!”

  1. vitriol says:

    Yeah – it’s truly awful shit. It sounds like she’s accompanied by a backing group made up from some of the more talented members of a mental institution.

  2. Lynds from Edmonton says:

    worst song i’ve heard in a LONG time, and it’s no surprise it was from her!