Dina Lohan Speaks About Michael Lohan Visiting Lindsay

Dina Lohan said she approves of Michael Lohan visiting Lindsay in Utah at Cirque Lodge Thursday afternoon.

?I?m so glad he?s visiting her,? Dina told 24Sizzler.com, at the precise moment Michael was visiting Lindsay (Michael is outfitted with a tracking device so he doesn?t violate his parole). ?I really wanted her to have closure a really long time ago, so she could come to terms with the abusive behavior that myself and my children? endured when they were younger.?

Dina adds that Lindsay, who hasn?t seen her dad in several years, was ?extremely nervous? about seeing Michael.

The visit is not a casual visit, but more of a therapeutic session to deal with Lindsay?s issues with her father. In fact, today is not a normal day for visits, but Michael?s visit was accommodated. Dina says that going forward, Lindsay and her dad will take ?baby steps? in developing a relationship, adding ?Lindsay has to come to terms with it. It?s still her father, but you have to go through life and find closure.? So, don?t expect anything warm and fuzzy in the meantime.
As for Lindsay?s current state, Dina tells, ?She?s doing well. I?m so proud of her. She?s grown up.? As for Lindsay?s post-rehab plans, Dina main concern is intrusive photographers. ?I?m petrified of the paparazzi. I?m afraid it?s going to be a frenzy when she?s out. I pray that it all works out well.?

Dina also shot down reports in this week?s celeb weeklies that Lindsay has a rehab romance. ?Oh my God, yah right,? Dina said. ?That never happened. Cirque is so strict compared to everywhere else.? Dina added that Cirque Lodge?s relatively remote location is ideal: ?It?s gorgeous, it?s tranquil, it?s God?s Country.? Dina also shot down a report out this week that claimed Lindsay is her cashcow: ?I don?t live off my daughter,? Dina said, laughing.

A source adds that Lindsay will remain at Cirque for about another 10 days.


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