Inside The Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Divorce and Custody

The Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen divorce and custody battle is heating up again. In the latest papers filed on Sept. 18 by Denise that are absolutely mind-blowing. They confirm the worst things we?ve ever heard about Sheen.

First, Richards has filed a show cause order to limit Sheen?s visitation with Samantha, 3, and Lola, 2, to days only and no more overnights at his house. Richards also asks the court to initiate a custody evaluation and to give her final decision power despite their joint custody arrangement.

One reason for this may be Sheen?s chronicled paranoia regarding medical needs for the girls. In Denise?s accompanying declaration she describes how Sheen refuses to let the girls have common vaccinations because he thinks they will be harmed

An attached letter from Samantha?s former pediatrician supports this. The doctor, Jeannette J. Levenstein, actually resigned as the child?s physician in 2004 because of “differing philosophies pertaining to Sam?s preventative care, I cannot, in good conscious [sic] continue to treat her.

Denise?s long declaration filed with the court describes Charlie as abusive, a patron of prostitutes and negligent when it comes to their little girls. It also outlines his sizeable gambling and alleged drug addictions.

Emails have also been submited.? For example, on Aug. 22, Sheen wrote to the mother of his children: “You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and, um, oh yeah, sad and jobless and evil and a bad mom, so go [expletive] yourself, sad, jobless pig.”That?s not all. In other e-mails, Sheen ridicules Richards? mother, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. “Go cry to your bald mom, you [expletive] loser,” Sheen writes.

The actor also regularly chastises Diana Alvarez, the nanny who accompanies the children to his house. “Any hired help who tells me, in my house, that she has a more protective and stronger sense of what?s best for the girls is going to be told to shut their mouth and just do their job.”

The nanny has given her own declaration to the court in support of Richards. She outlines the final time she took the girls to Sheen?s house. She and Sheen and his fianc?e sat down, Alvarez recalls, to discuss Sheen?s hair-trigger temper, his preference for the older girl vs. the baby and his distrust of the nanny as a “spy” for Richards.

Sadly, the talk didn?t work. Sheen, Alvarez says, berated her loudly and abusively with a barrage of four-letter words. The nanny called her husband for assistance and Richards to come take the children. Later, after Alvarez was home, she swears in her declaration that she received this text message from Sheen:

“The girls won?t remember you or even care about you. You couldn?t have done worse if you tried. Thank God they?ll no longer be exposed to someone SO WEAK. Go have a kid of your own. Maybe that way you?ll stop … confusing the fake kids for a real one. Oh, but that might take some guts. Something you so obviously lack with hopeless vacuity.”