8 responses to “Katie Holmes Turns into Tom’s Ideal Girl…”

  1. Celebrity Trashcan TidBits - 10/24/07 | Celebrity Trashcan says:

    […] Katie Holmes Turns into Tom’s Ideal Girl… Celebrity Dirty Laundry […]

  2. busybee says:

    that POOF in the front, not hot

  3. GossipShack.com says:

    Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: A Mismatched Couple…

    What was Katie Holmes thinking with this dress at the premiere for Tom’s new movie “Lions for Lambs” in Germany?  Not only is the dress awful, but whenever I see pictures of these two side by side I can’t help but get creeped o…

  4. Celebrity Smack! Celebrity Gossip Blog and Entertainment News Site » Blog Archive » If You Dont Have Anything Nice to Link… says:

    […] Fresh haircuts for Tom and Katie (CDL) […]

  5. Adeline and Hazel says:

    Tom Cruise and his Personal Robot Katie Holmes get Their Photos Taken…

    I’m thinking that maybe the reason Katie Holmes is standing there in such an odd stance is because her dress is about to fall off. Is that dress just horrible or what? I mean, aside form the fact that it looks like its several sizes too big and …

  6. Rosie says:

    She looks like one of the Stepford Wives and he looks like a Mike Myers wanna be.

  7. Hänni says:

    Katie’s dress looks like a costume. I think dressing like a doll is cute … when it’s Halloween.

  8. vitriol says:

    The circus is back in town?