Paris Hilton Gets Trash Thrown at Her

Paris Hilton is currently in Austria to attend the prestigious Vienna Opera Ball, but when she appeared at the Vienna mall today to sign autographs she had to be pulled away by security guards because the crowd started throwing trash at her. Inlcuded in the items thrown were cigarette packs, tissues, and lipstick. Hilton later dismissed the incident as “no big deal” and said she loved her fans. She also ran into trouble in Germany yesterday because her passport had expired, and she needed the U.S. ambassador to Austria to vouch for her.

Taking questions from some 100 reporters earlier, Hilton said she “loved” classical music and that she grew up listening to it. “As a little girl, it really helped me fall asleep at night,” she said, adding later that she “really loved” old Michael Jackson songs, Madonna and hip-hop. Hilton said there were “a lot of people who need help” in the world and that she planned to go to Africa sometime this year. “As a celebrity, you can really make people aware of what’s going on in the world,” she said.

She’s attending the Opera Ball and said she enjoys classical music because it’s so boring it helps her fall asleep. Nice. And only Paris Hilton could have trash thrown at her and misinterpret that as loving fans. She’s in such denial you could push her down and pee on her while yelling: “Take that, you useless whore!” and she’d laugh it off and tell everybody her fans love pulling pranks on her.


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