Victoria Beckham Wants a Girl in the Future…

Victoria Beckham says her American dream will be complete when she becomes a mother to a baby girl. Beckham revealed that her and husband David will try for a fourth child while living in Los Angeles. “I would love to have a little girl,” told Jay Leno on Friday night.

“If I am blessed to have another baby at some point that would be great.

“I’m really girlie. I’d love to dress a little girl up. We will see what happens in a few years.”

We’ve got so many children now, it’s not about parenting any more. With so many, I’m constantly saying, ‘Don’t touch this, don’t do that’.


  • vitriol

    Oh Christ! What is she going to call it then? All of the stupid names have been used up by Gwyneth Paltrow and Z-list micro-celeb Jordan. Just be honest and call it “Mealticket”.