Weekly Fashion Fix

Celebrity Dirty Laundry has joined forces with Stylebites to provide my readers with a fashion column every week. Rachel, the editor of Stylebites will decode or criticize the fashion of the young and famous each week. Hope you guys enjoy and please visit Stylebites because she is behind the great fashion advice you will be getting each week!

Weekly Fashion Fix 1:

I have a terrible secret to share, are you ready? I love Lindsay Lohan’s style. Okay, okay, so we all know that she uses Rachel Zoe as her stylist so I guess that’s where the kudos should be directed but whoever deserves them, la Lohan is doing something right.

I’m going to decode her look for you but first I have to pull out that ol’ soap box. Here’s the thing. Every month, as a fashion editor, I have to prepare the ubiquitous star style pages. “Buy this to get —-‘s look!” Have you ever noticed how many stars dress like boring nobodies in a t-shirt and jeans? No, you probably haven’t because magazines spend hours upon hours filtering out all that garbage. On a normal month I’ll spend at least a day finding the right shots of someone in something semi-interesting.

And shoot me if I have to see one more pic of Kate Beckinsale working out I’ll just…

Anyhow, a lot of sites post pictures of celeb style but few break it down as to why it’s “in oder aus.” I figured, why not pair with a celebrity news site and do just that. So here’s the first peek into decoding these looks — good or bad — for your enjoyment at home (or at work… we can see your IP addresses you slackers, lol!)

Exhibit A: La Lohan does Starbucks

Stylebites says: Styl-icious!

Why it works:

  1. Layers. Anyone can start with the basics but it’s the layers which give any look its character. Here Lohan pairs a t-shirt (notice that it’s not skin tight either, how refreshing) with a shorter leather jacket in a similar color. This saves the shirt, which hits at the hip from looking frumpy.
  2. Color. We all know that dark colors are slimming but notice that the top is still lighter than her jeans. It slims the thighs. Her legs appear even slimmer due to the bright shoe that distracts the eye. When you look a the pic you probably saw (in this order) glasses, shirt, shoes. No pants, see? Try this trick at home.
  3. Accessories. Lindsay keeps it simple with relaxed extras in dark colors. No, your shoes don’t have to match your bag, or your hat. Greys, browns and greens are all earthy tones that go well together.
  4. Gold. I la love the combo of the yellow print on the shirt with the gold necklace atop it all. Multi-strand necklaces are the it thing though, so make sure you’ve got a few and experiment with them over plain tops before moving on to styling them with prints.
  5. Bootcut. I didn’t think that I would say that this, as I’m still in love with straight leg, but these bootcut really look good. Notice that there’s no tacky bleached spots (which scream “mall jean”).
Like Lindsay’s look or think I’ve got it all wrong? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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