Who is more retarded, Britney Spears or her lawyer?

The issue at hand today is Britney’s violation of the drug testing rules. She was ordered respond to the drug-testing people within an hour of the time they call. Britney? did not respond to eight of 14 random drug test requests, Kevin Federline’s attorney said in court Thursday. What is Britney’s defense?

Britney Spears lawyer told the Commissioner that he doesn’t understand what it takes to be a pop star. He basically said Britney should have no rules because she is famous!

Her lawyer told the judge her client has received calls as early as 8:00 AM. and pop stars don’t get up that early, adding, “You are not a pop star with a number one album, so you don’t know.” The courtroom erupted in laughter.

However, the commissioner has agreed to a more flexible timetable that works for Brit. Umm… WTF does she do? She doesn’t promote her album and spends her days at starbucks.

They’re back in court at 10:30 AM PST


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