Are White House Women Obsessed With Fashion?

Are the potential White House ladies obsessed with fashion?  Newspaper have been abuzz with Sarah Palins $150K + new wardrobe, Cindy Mccain’s $300K plus outfit etc.  Do these ladies think being fashionable well help win the election?  An interesting article was recently released on the site Trendy Shoes Shop. This piece is entitled, "Shoes of Power: Are the Potential White House Women Obsessed With Fashion?" and offers a timely, informative and entertaining take on the potential women headed for the White House. It uncovers some fascinating facts on their fashion, shoe and shopping choices.The high profile women covered include Cindy McCain,Meghan McCain, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama. 

Hopefully, the shoes and fashion choices profiled in the article reveal interesting facts about the owners which should be known by voters, rather than having their fashion sense and the shoes they wear influencing voters.
Please feel free to offer your own feedback and comments on the article.