Britney Spears Hospitalized on Another 5150 Hold!

The ‘old’ Britney


Police cars have been rushed to Britney Spears after she tried to take her own life . Police arrived at Britney’s home around 10 pm and cordoned off Britney’s home. Britney’s mother rushed to her house and is now inside with Britney.

It appears as Britney is okay. It is a media circus outside the gated community where Britney lives. Police, helicopters, news agencies and almost 100 photographers are camped outside.

X17 photographers have been in touch with Alli Sims and she told them she is on her way to Brit’s home right now. She would not comment further on the evening’s events. Britney’s mother and Sam Lufti have also said Britney is okay.


Update: Britney is being committed again. Britney’s psychiatrist visited her tonight and he was alarmed with Britney’s recent behavior. The doctor decided Britney needs to be hospitalized on another 5150 hold. He has called for police who are en route, yet no officials have entered the house.

According to TMZ, Britney did not try to harm herself.

TMZ claims Lynne Spears is at the house and is upset with the shrink. Sam Lutfi is in favor of the 5150, given Britney’s mental state.

Britney is said to be non-responsive about the whole thing and completely out of it.


20 police cars are heading towards Britney’s house and there also two ambulances on route.

Update: Alli Sims just arrived. TMZ was told there is “extreme tension inside the house” between Sam Lutfi and members of Spears’ family.


Update: The ambulance has arrived with covered up windows.


Update: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Britney’s psychiatrist got in touch with the North Hollywood division of the LAPD and set tonight’s events in motion. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the psychiatrist who called police never mentioned anything about a suicide, but rather her reckless driving and erratic behavior.


The ambulance has left the side exit of Brit’s neighborhood and is believed to be headed to Cedars-Sinai with Britney inside.


TMZ has learned the media frenzy surrounding Britney’s drama has caused cops to speak in code over the police radio. Britney’s code name is “The Package.” Law enforcement sources have told us their arrival at Britney’s house has been planned all evening. Furthermore we’re told the original plan was for cops to pick Britney up last night, but that didn’t happen.


4 responses to “Britney Spears Hospitalized on Another 5150 Hold!”

  1. abbagirl says:


    i am feeling immense pity for that girl. what the hell is wrong with her?! those two shady dudes that she surrounds herself with are surely going to burn in hell! bastards! they did this to her!

  2. Sandra says:

    I hope she gets the help she needs. The Britney saga used to be funny – now it’s just very very sad.

  3. Kayla says:

    Yes, stop laughing and show compassion! What is wrong with her?! Well, after what she has been through the questions is what took so long for family membeers to step in and help?! God is answering many prayers from many people on Britney’s behalf. I will continue to pray for her.

  4. Sassie says:

    It’s Sam Lufti and her father doing this to her! Sam drugged her. Her father is over-shadowing her life. Her father should leave her the fuck alone. He’s ruling her damn life. Also, she’s bipolar. So…….*shrugs*