Can New Perfumes Make You Slimmer?

Can’t you just see every celeb beating down the doors to get this product?  I don’t know if this is true but if this is all it takes to get younger and slimmer I’ll buy it lol…. but, I don’t think so.  So these miracle perfumes/scents are suppose to make you younger, slimmer, happier etc. etc.  The perfumes created by Harvey Prince and Co., supposedly makes wearers appear at least eight years younger. Apparently there is already a a waiting list.  If you don’t want to be younger you can be happier by just buying "Smiley" designed to cheer you up and the best of all Molecule 1 makes you irresistable to the opposite sex ;-)  There is a perfume to make you slimmer.  A perfum for everyone.

This is the latest in an insidious wave of smart scents. The beginning of autumn heralded the release of Neuropeptide Synergy, by skincare guru Dr Nicholas Perricone, which is claimed to make you look and feel younger by relieving stress – as well as sharpening your intellect.  Source: Daily Mail