Could Mary-Kate Olsen Be Pregnant?

Last Friday, Mary-Kate Olsen, 20, linked to Heath Ledger at his death, was spotted with a female friend visiting the chic baby boutique Petit Tresor in West Hollywood. Her friend was teasing her about her belly and they spent more than forty five minutes browsing nursery furniture and Mary-Kate purchased burp cloths, bibs and t-shirts from Plain Mary emblazoned with the word "Babe" as well as a playmat and changing pad. In addition, she picked up a few layette items from babycottons 

If pregnant, the obvious father would probably be boyfriend Lapo Elkann, 31, known in the media as an Italian playboy, and the heir to the Fiat empire. We got this story in as a hot tip just minutes ago – true or not is Mary-Kate Olsen you be the judge?