Madonna Divorce Worse Than “Cold War”

It seems poor Guy not only had to live with a nut job (Madonna) but now he is upset about her leaking details.  My question is why is Guy surprised he lived with her and saw how eccentric she is – he should have expected something like this.  Madonna is clealy a control freak and wants to control every aspect of her life.  Guy believe that Madonna is using her huge staff to watch him and feels she is using underhanded tactics.   Any hopes Guy had for this to stay a dignified and private divorce have clearly gone out the door.

It appears Madonna is trying to paint Guy as if he emotionally abonded her and she seems to be trying to paint Guy in a very poor light.  Madonna may want to control her life but the one thing she is forgetting is that the more this divorce gets bitter the only ones who will suffer are her poor children! Picture Source: Google Images

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