Once Was Not Enough For Sean Penn!

Oscar winning Sean Penn is visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez again.  Venezuela’s state-run news agency reports that Sean Penn accompanied Chavez during the inspection of a natural gas pipeline on Sunday.

Chavez has praised Sean for his criticism of the U.S. war in Iraq, but he did not mention Sean’s visit during a televised address. Nor did state media broadcast images of him.  It was his second meeting with Chavez. He also visited in August 2007, when he went as a freelance journalist. .

  • thomas

    I think it shows what a left wing crap while hollywood doesn’t want us to have any relief from high gas prices. A real dipstick like Penn visits Chavez….If socialism is so great Sean why don”t you move there….A dictator that constantly screws the US…. If you are truly commited maybe all of your next paycheck should go to charity….That won’t happen Hollywood liberals don’t have the courage to put in extra money from their own…Just want us to foot the bill